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well started application process i am wondering what does the entrenec fitness (scotland ?) consist of, i know the 1.5 mile run and the 20kg jerry cans, my upper body strength is very good but my stamina is crap, what is the best way to increase this so i can complete the run successfully ? i am hopeing for a combat engineer (unless i am offered something that appeals more when i do the barb test) any other adive / suggestions bout the application progress and/or training for the run will be appreciated a lot
Dont try too much too soon! Run regularly at a steady pace, then increase the distance and speed at your own discression; also try fartlek training, sprint for 30 seconds then jog for a minute, then repeat - just a few examples ive used, but dont neglect your upper body while doing so!

Hope I've helped a bit
i always do uppder body (10kg dumbells) but normaly 5 sets of 20 reps on shoulders / arms) just started doing more pressups and situps now, i did roughly 1.5 mile today and yesterday now my legs (like the back of my shin) is fkin murdering realy painful, would swimming help for stamina (obviously aerobic) ?

btw i will give that fartlek a go thanks for that 1
Alright Locky. I'm going in the Engineers as a combat engineer (armoured engineer) and I start my basic on 10th Sept. My best advice would be variety in your training, because if your doing the same thing everyday you'll end up with no improvement. Build up gradually until you can maintain a 7 minute mile for about 5 miles then you'll urinate all over the 1.5 miles. If you can bleep tests are good as well and work on pressups, situps and pullups. But don'go mad on weights.
i just do the weights for my arms and shoulders so i can do pullups (altho i mite get 1 them bars for the door ?) i should be aiming for 1 mile in 7 minutes ? i am gna b doin 1.5 mile a day 4 or 5 days a week, how long will it take me to get the 1.5 mile pissed on ?
Pullup bars are pretty good. Unless your really tall and lanky. Under arm grasp and aim for about 10 to start with and if u can try and do 15-20 on selection and you'll be laughing. I depends how fit u are already and also how old you are. 7 minute mile thats only 10:30 mins for your mile and half which is about average but it wot get u in the paras though. Try doing 3-5 miles 5 times a week and aim to do a 7 minute mile or less. If you go on selection in 2-3 months you'll be of a fairly good fitness level. Wot u hoping to go in?
combat engineer, i am 5'8 and 65kg, i will get a chinup bar asap the running kills me atm i have jus stoppd because the back of my legs are killing me, will swimming also be good for cardio (helping to train for the run ?)
Swimmings good because it works major muscle groups but doesn't put any stress on your joints. but running gives you a better cardio work out and will be more important to work on ready for your training. u just need to crack on with the running build it up gradually. u wanna make things as easy as you can for yourself on selection and in your training. as they say 'NO PAIN NO GAIN'. if your doing a good cardio session 5 times a week you can substitute 1-2 of those sessions for swimming. but don't neglect your running otherwise you'll end up sufferring more in your training and on selection. u going in as junior or adult entry?
adult, i turned 18 a few months ago have the barb test wednesday see what i get offered when i done the test well ima start swimming 2 or 3 times a week and try to run every other day, gna run till i puke lol, i mite even get going to the gym
If the careers office get you application through quickly you might start your basic at the same time as me (10th Sept) if you still wanna go in the engineers that is. Good determination mate.
Im going in the Royal Engineers as an Armoured Engineer. Yeah but I'll only just be old enough because im not 17 until next month. Yeah went on selection to Pirbright on th 24/25 January. But iv had to wait ages because i wasn't old enough to in as adult entry until August. Av u got a date for yours yet?
we will see :)

good news is my mate (from school he a amateur body builder now) has wrote me up a training programme that i intend to follow so i should be fit as fook in 12 - 16 weeks :D
my brother is also helping me train (stamina, the run) like my 4th attempt (bear in mind i am extremely unfit in regards to stamina, i aint done any kind of sport since like 13 or 14 month ago) did jus over 1.5 miles in little over 15 minutes, and i walked for like 3 and a half minutes, good stuff :D
Yeah I think stamina and endurance are the most important things to work on. Skippings good as well (if you can!), I think the amateur boxing seasons finished now, but boxing training gives you a really good cardi work out. Stick at it a your times and fitness will improve gradually.
had barb test roday, give me a list of 25 jobs or so (i have no gcse)
shit laods of artilery
tank crew
the helicopter 1 (refulel etc)
port (like water transport or sumet)

not a bad list i got, now to see what to take
Well done! Comms specialist in the Royal Engineers is a good one, because once your in you can pick up other trades up like bricki... and you can do p-company and all arms commando course like the paras and marines. You also do combat engineering like construction and demolitions and stuff. It's a good job because u can pick up trades in the engineers, unlike alot of other regiments. And u don't need any gcse's to be a comms specialist in the engineers. but with the royal engineers you can get a trade and do the infantry stuff as well. But the choice is yours and it depends wot u like!

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