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Recently rejected from The Army for an abnormal hip.
I had to have an x-ray on it because about 7 years ago, i had a metal plate put in it because the ball in my joint crumbled. The plate was put in whilst it repaired then later on took out. Now the thing is, its never caused me problems, ive been in cadets for 3/4 years, i know its nothing like the Army, but we do do things that the Army do, ie tabbing, marching alot, section attacks, stuff like that.
Would the same problem stop me getting in the TA? Just as a last resort.
Bad luck:

That doesn't sound too hopeful, but without knowing all the details, it's difficult to say what's going on. (ie, why did the ball 'crumble', how mended is it, etc etc.)

Best bet is probably to write/phone/e-mail the recruiters, and ask exactly, medically, why you were failed, then go and get a second opinion from another doc (taking the answer with you) and if that's ok, either re-apply, or try the TA: you don't want to be crippling yourself at this age, so you need to know exactly what's going on with the joint as a 'starter for ten'.
Dude thats a bad attitude. TA and Regs really are on par these days you will be doing hard phys either way (only difference if in TA you have to do it yourself most of the time)... do you not realise if you join the TA you will be serving with regs on ops?



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Fallschirmjager said:
JayCam said:
TA and Regs really are on par these days
I wouldn't quite go that far but i see where you're coming from. :)

You're right mate. Sure the regs wil catch up eventually though :D
When i went in the other day one of the first things they asked me was have i broken any bone which have had to have metal put into me.
No attitude was intended like. I'd love to go in the TA as much i'd love to go the Regs. I went on the ArmyOnline and they said pretty much the same, get a letter off my GP regarding it and take it to my AFCO in which i applied.

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