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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by daddypops, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I have had my recruiter interview, all went well until it came to the subject of debt - I currently pay out £40.00 per month on old debts of around the £13000 mark, this is while I'am in unemployed, my recruiter cannot arrange my Senior Recruiter interview until I get a letter of my creditor stating the amount that they would require when I joined up - so far that do seem willing to budge, I know this is probably an unusual request to them but would they have an obligation to provide this because the reality is they would be preventing me from gaining employment.
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  2. I would have a chat with your local citizens advice, they have an online chat section too.

    Good luck with it.
  3. From a personal point of view i would have to question and then apply a bit of common sense to the debt rule regarding applying for the Army, from what i can see you owe £13000 that is currently under an arrangement to be paid at £40 whilst you are unemployed.

    You are paying it and as such as long as your creditor is happy to receive that from you whilst you are in training it would be fine by me, the outgoings/debt limit is set at around a third of your monthly wage during training and it should be applied on your outgoings and not the total balance, lets face it you can join the Army whilst paying a mortgage as long as the monthly payment isnt over the debt limit ;)

    Personnally i would speak to the creditor and just get a letter from them stating at the present time how much you are paying and how much is outstanding, if you start asking them to project how much you are going to have to pay in training then they are surely going to want to know when you are joining, how much you are getting, how long training lasts, how much you get paid after training and so on and so forth.

    This problem is brought to you by the fact that a recruiter has applied far too much thinking to a simple rule in my opinion, if the debt is payable and is under the limit then i wouldnt have questioned it :)
  4. £13k of debts on a soldier's basic salary? Hmm. At a rate of £40/mth, that is over 27 years to discharge your debt! Your creditor obviously has a lot of patience.

    It is some time since I dealt with soldiers' debts and I found most of the agencies with whom I dealt to be bloody difficult, so be prepared to be messed around! However, I imagine that, given the opportunity, your creditor will demand a lot more from your future pay. The Recruiter will be working to guidelines; if the money demanded by your creditor is higher than those recommended levels, the Army will say "no" to you. Soldiers with excessive debts can be, and are, a real administrative nightmare.

    As already recommended, visit your Citizens' Advice Bureau, although be prepared to queue as they are pretty busy.

  5. msr

    msr LE

    And that is assuming a zero rate of interest....
  6. I didn't ask but assume that Daddypops has already come to a zero-percent agreement with his/her creditor. I also assume that, were the opportunity to present itself, the creditor would wish to charge interest!

  7. Sounds like he has an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. He pays whatever he can reasonably afford fo 60 months. (it is reviewed every 12 months, and adjusted up or down if neccessary.) At the end of 60 months, the remaining debt is written off and he is debt free.
  8. I remember a chap from my unit being booted out for debt problems, I believe that something in orders allows a CO, when he is sick of trying to sort things out just to boot someone out. I always found the army very inconsiderate when it came to debt, even when I was a screw earning a few quid, if I wanted a £50 over draft it meant a letter from my OC.

    I didnt know you had to declare debt these days.
  9. The rule regarding debt for applicants to the Army is pretty much anything over £275 of outgoings whilst undergoing training and you pay your bills off before joining.

    As a rule unless the creditor finds out he is in training and immediately demands more money then given that he is paying £40 a month its quite feasible that he could get in, pass training and then negotiate with the creditor some sort of manageable payment scheme, but as already mentioned, £13K on a Private soldiers wage is going to take a while to pay ;)

    And debt in the Army has always been frowned upon, not only can you lose your vetting (if its required for the job) but you can indeed be given an admin discharge (in want of the real chapter and verse description :D ) for being unable to manage your debts, although in reality it takes more than just one visit in front of the RAO before it gets to that point.
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  10. msr

    msr LE

    But presumably with a credit record shot to pieces?
  11. Actually, no. Give it another 12 months, and your clear. Even during the course of the arrangement, it is possible to get limited credit, I am told.
  12. 13000 jesus god man the average sodier only makes 16000 a year lol
  13. would that be the average private during training?

    And what the fcuk is a sodier!?!