Application Nightmare

In a simple world, doing a year's training for the Marines, and being medically clear before and after training would mean an easy jump into infantry training in the Army...if only.

In short, my application which began mid November, has moved virtually nowhere because the MOD has important documents needed for various groups involved with the process. And at the moment I feel like I'm pissing into the wind, calling them all and trying to get things moving, even CTCRM.

If anyone who's had complications with their application has any advice they could give me to speed things along or even someone I should contact to try and fast track my application, I'd be very grateful. Because I haven't even gotten to Capita yet, and at this rate, I'd have a better shot joining the Navy, purely for financial reasons.
I may be biased but i would join the Navy. Are there any rates (jobs) you are interested in? The RN is getting more ships back to sea and there will be plenty of deployments to keep life interesting. You can always put in for the RM (or a last resort Army) if Navy life doesn't suit you.
Well like I say the Marines didn't work out which is part of the reason why Navy wasn't my first choice, given I was trained to be a soldier not an infanteer not a sailor.

In my brief research the only role that tickles me is Warfare Specialist AWW.

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