Application in 6 weeks?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ScotlandsLad, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. It's probably going to be an already answered question, but after using the search feature, not many results with information turned up.

    I'm hopefully going to see about an application in 6 weeks when I turn 15 and 7 months.
    So be prepared for the bone questions, and I'll prepare for the incoming...

    I was thinking about going to the AFCO about week before I turn 15 and 7 months, will this be possible to have a sit down and talk to the Careers Adviser, and get an application or do I have to be of age in order to get one?

    Is it recommended for me to take a parent or two if they're off work when I go? Both understand I plan on infantry, but both are against the idea
  2. You can go for a chat and pick up a pack, ready for when you hit that magic age to return and then begin the process of applying (signed by Parent/guardian). Careers advisers find it better for one so young IF a parent/guardian etc can be in attendance to pose any questions they see fit to ask. Keep a notebook handy till you go and write any questions you feel you wish to be answered and enter the office with an open mind to careers, you have an idea of what you would like to do but dont appear blinkered to other options.
  3. I have no idia ring the AFCO & ask them.
  4. Thanks Derby.
    Been looking at Infantry (Rifles), Royal Artillery, Or Armoured Corps mainly.
  5. No need for an appointment etc, just call them from the third of Jan (most offices are closed until then) to ensure they are open for you and your parent/guardian to pop in and carry out your initial visit/chat.
  6. With your avatar name, why Rifles and not Scots div?
  7. Well, when I was younger (like 12-13) some RAF and Army careers advisers (I think) came to our school After it had been newly built and I picked up a pack for infantry. I had heard about the rifles beforehand, and always was quite interested in them after that. Then after reading in the pack that the main recruiting areas were located in places in England, I was slightly put off since I believed I wouldn't be ale to join that reg. So after talking to a few people I know who are going to Harrogate for rifles on January 8th, I told them the issue and they said that you can pretty much try to go to any regiment in infantry that you want.

    Also believe that back when my dad was a soldier, he was attached to The Royal Scots (as far as I know it was this reg he was attached to before he was recommended for 14 Int Company) for a tour of Northern Ireland, and said he much preferred English regiments, and my great uncle also agreed with that. So I don't know if maybe its just a biased view that's been stuck in my head, but I really do think the Rifles is my option, going with the pounding notion in my head.

    Also, silly question, but on the applications, is there anything that means I have to list my father as ex-forces or anything?
  8. You can be processed for any Infantry unit you wish there are no bars to your choice, irrespective of your location of birth or rumour. During the chats and interviews, there is a specific paragraph on family service connections (if you have any and if you wish to divulge them) which is simply part of the formal interview stage later in the application process (once medically acceptable), the fact dad could be a VC holder is a nice to know, but this application process is determining if you are of the required standard to be offered employment as a Soldier.
  9. Ahh, yes.
    I think the only problem that could delay my application is that I have Osgoods Schlatter in the knee (going away), had eczema which has been inactive for 3 years now and as a silly little 13 year old, I got into a spot of bother with the police, but they only booked me.

    As for the physical side of the application, the gym is getting restarted soon.
  10. Leave medical history and decision to the medical staff who get your paperwork from you and your GP (all medical history - viewed by medical staff only).
    No requirement for payment of gym membership, the office will give you a booklet and all you require is trainers, sports kit and just stick to CV work, no heavy weights required.
  11. Thanks Darby.
    It means a lot and is much appreciated!
  12. Also, is it possible to book my first appointment a few weeks before I am 15 and 7 months? Then hand in my app when I am?
  13. I believe that the first appointment is only you gaining a bit of knowledge about the army and as such you can do it at any age. If I remember correctly, you don't get your application pack until your first interview anyway and as such you would have to already be of age to get your hands on it.
  14. Ah, thanks. Couple of lads told me you get it at your appointment, as they done so. Suppose it depends.
  15. Another silly question, but is it reccomended to try certain things, like medical record and stuff beforehand so you're prepared? (Any other records/certificates/documentation you think would be reccomended)

    Quite hard to get an appointment with my GP as it's always "Sorry, we don't have another appointment for 3 weeks".