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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Rowums, Aug 12, 2005.

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  1. i've begun my application for the army but have gotten stuck on one of the parts. I am applying for the Army's intelligence corps and im not applying to be an officer. So do i want to tick the commissioned service box or the non-commissioned service box? the recruitment officer didnt mention which when i was getting the aplication.
  2. Ok....

    ...tick the 'Non Commissioned Service' box. Is the Corps the right move for you? :D

    Cries of 'waaaaaaaaaaah' will be ignored!
  3. You really can't be that useless, please tell me you doing all this as a wind up!
  4. Rowums, you post some funny threads :mrgreen:
  5. I know ive made myself look stupid but i wasn't told what either of them meant. Thanks for the help
  6. edited by mod because of the crap oozing from this post.
  7. If you’re commissioned then you’re an officer.
    If you’re non commissioned then you’re not.

    A little helpful advice, have a look at the army web site, , and have a look at this book
    they’ll be able to answer most of your questions.

    The more you know about the army, the better you’ll do in your interviews.
  8. Thanks Goku, :D
  9. just wondering if someone could tell me if they know how long it takes from when you enter your carrers office to get to phase 1 trai
  10. how long is a piece of string richardsoniscool?

    the question you put is too expansive as it depends on the speed of your references, the documents of education you supply, the ability of the staff in the AFCO you go to, the RSC dates, the trade you are going for, the spaces for phase one training.. the list goes on..

    I knew a lad during RSC who once completing it was due to start Phase 1 the following week, whereas I am looking to wait potentially upto 6 months as there are further interviews and exam boards I must visit as will you depending on the trade you are applying for.