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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jarhead34, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Hello everyone
    Just a quick question on the application process. I filled my application in and sent it off around 4 weeks ago and so did a couple of friends of mine.
    One has had a reply back, and has been given a date for the 17th and 18th of May for his recruit selection course. I had a few medical problems I had to put down including slight knee damage, and Kidney stones which have been treated. I play football and am a delivery postman so my knee stands up to that so I do not think its a problem. My Manager sent my reference back early last week so I guess I am nearing the end of the application process? Also my mate says on the email he got from the TA it states that only 10% of applicants are successful is this correct?
    cheers lads
  2. Sixty

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    Not quite. From inital (speculative) enquiry to passing recruit selection is (was?) 10%.

    I.e. they're counting all those who took their initial interest no further.
  3. Welcome to the "Hurry up and wait" regulation. You will just have to wait for Glasgow to do what ever they do.
  4. I know it takes time,I was just worried that some of my medical problems might cause me to proceed no further even though I consider myself to be fit to a basic standard.
  5. Have you actually had a medical with an army doctor or just sent off a questioner to your GP ?

  6. Thats ok then, just like tabbing the beacons with 60Ibs plus on your back...
  7. charliecharlieone I am sure I can handle tabbing on the brecan beacons, I walk 4 hours a day with mail on my back plus I jog and play football 3 days a week. I just have pain in my knee in certain positions because of some damaged cartillage, but when I get that pain I just battle through it.
  8. No medical with the army doctor yet Taggs.
  9. I applied online, heard nothing for 3 weeks, then a call to go in to local ACIO, then nothig for 2 more weeks - eventually got fcuked off with waiting so just attended local unit, filled out forms (again) and went from there

    Wonder how long I'd have been kept waiting if I didn't use initiative and just turn up on the doorstep of my local TAC?
  10. Hope you aint joinin inf mate your knees take a beating doing that
  11. No not infantry just hoping to join one of the regiments at Grantham.My doctor said I have some damaged cartillage which will only cause pain doing high impact sports.But as I say I play football, but I was just worried that the Army wont let me in.But I am pretty fit and active I just guess it will be people with more serious knee injuries that would not get in.
    Fingers crossed I suppose.
  12. i thought you had a army medical before recruit selection?
  13. Hours of drill is hi impact, no matter whet Regt or Corps you go into knee problems will always be an issue. 4 hours delivering mail is not the same as cross country in Brecon