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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Scotto103, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. I just got my application form, and i was also given a check list of things i need to take next time i'm at the army office, i wear glasses and its asking for a prescription for them from the last 12 months, i dont have mine any more will this affect me getting in or is it a must have ??
  2. ask your optician for your prescription history, theywill have it. it is a must.
  3. go to the opticians and get another one
  4. Ok thanks its like my eye sight that is worrying me about getting in i feel i could proberly cope with everything else, i hope :D
  5. you get army issue specs, the optician will sort them out for you when/if you get to basic.
  6. You require an eye sight prescription dated within the last 12 months, this is specifically because the jobs have slightly differing standards, especially where driving is concerned ;)

    Speak to an optician's get a prescription and let the office photocopy it for their records, then when the RG8 medical questionnaire is completed they will give you an official 'Military' optician form, take that to the optician's and ask them nicely to complete it (they should just fill it in for you for nothing).

    The reason we ask for the prescription is so we can prove your eyesight and not rely on an applicant blagging it :)
  7. Hmmm id like to be a gunner AS-90 hope my eye sight is good enough for that :)

    But thanks again for the Info.
  8. hi, i want to join the army myself.

    where did you get the application form????

    ive been looking everywhere for it.

    please can you/anyone help me out.

  9. At the (imminent, no doubt) risk of a wah... :roll:

    Find your local recruiting office, go in, apply.

    It's not hard to work it out.
  10. yeah i figured that part out thanks. im not that dumb. just wanted to know if i could request it online.