Application form won’t submit,


Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if there is anyone else having issues with submitting their application form online?

When I press the big magical button it just flashes up fail/500

Called the recruiting line everyday for the past 2 weeks and they just keep palming me off pretty much.

It was a lot easier all those years ago when it was a paper based application form and a recruiter you could physically see!


You’re correct, paper form was easier.. I had the same issue using my phone, switched to my MacBook and it worked fine


I had issues for a long time. Contact your local careers centre or the national recruiting centre and they should be able to reset it so you can resubmit it
Good luck to all of you trying to get into the Army through the modern, interactive, online recruiting system. I wish you all well and a full and rewarding career. However, I can’t help thinking it was much easier nearly 50 years ago when I walked into the Recruiting Office located on the main street of my small town and actually spoke to a real live human being in uniform.
He looked pretty intimidating to my 16 year old eyes, but he got the job done!
A rose tinted view, no doubt.

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