Application form query, bit stuck!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Just filling in the references bit of my application form, no1 reference is filled in (my current boss), the 2nd one I'm using a personal one, it's a bloke who's about 70 but i've known him ooh bout 4 years, have a good crack like.

    The bit I'm stuck on is the position/Occupation, i don't know what to put in that, shall i put retired?

    or what else can i put?


    B W
  2. Retired Engineer (Or whatever profession, if he became professionally qualifed) or just Retired should do the trick, i would imagine.

  3. As long as you dont live at the same address, he's not a relation then that will be fine just put retired. Just make sure you have known each other in the last 6 months and longer than a year and it should be ok. Your recruiter will post him a reference form(484) for him to fill in at a later date just asking general questions.
  4. Certain ACIO's often pass 484 or 485 via the potential recruit speeding the process. This is especially warranted within applicants in Northern Ireland and Eire.
  5. just got one last bit to ask, feel thick asking

    on the same subject where it ask you how long you have known him and in what relationship, whats the best thing to put?

    do you put friend?, colleague?,

  6. surley one of you brainy people know:)

    sorry to sound thick about it, i was under the impression you can't put friend but is that wrong, if so what do you put for a personal reference?
  7. yeh i get you, friends what i thought anyway, but i thought they would think because he's my friend hell give me a good reference because of that and not basing it on me,(even though i am a genuine bloke;o, , or aren't they really too fussy nowadays?
  8. right going to bed now, im someone can please just confirm that putting friend ( or another suggestion) will be ok?


  9. Put "family friend" as it sounds like that's what he is. Or "Neighbour".
  10. Spot on Family Friend was the norm as said earlier as long as not living at your address or family its ok.

    And Ben dont get impatient like you did last night with people not replying,us old lads have to get our beauty sleep. :wink:
  11. When did beauty come into it :lol:
  12. Ive got two references but one has my girlfriends second name, she is married to her uncle does this count as being family.
  13. on my application I was told to put 'Personal' by the ACIO but doubt it matters, to be honest would probably pass as not being family but Id just put someone else down just to be safe.
  14. That sounds like it counts as incest :oops: