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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MilkLizard, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. I've just had my application deferred on medical grounds saying it has been until 03 November 2014, I think it may be due to self harm around 18 months back but if I appeal is there any chance it will just get declined or what? Any help on the best way to deal with this would be appreciated!

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  2. Stay away from these.

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  3. I was deffered until early 2014, however I successfully appealed. Mine was for a broken toe.

    Call the 0845 number on the army website and ask for the postal address for the NRC Medical Team.

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  4. Slightly different case because mine is mental health, but yeah the deferral e-mail has the address and I'm appealing the decisions as much as possible
  5. There has been a few threads like this of people who have had issues in the past and see it fit to appeal against the Army in its decision.
    Whilst i do have sympathy with you, you have to see it from the Army's point of view. The old adage that they dont want to waste money on training you for whatever you end up doing for you to have a relapse in the prior illness is true. And also, as its hard to believe they do have your interests at heart.
    Now if you look at it in a relevant situation that you end up being an Infanteer and you go to a future conflict like a Afghan scenario and you are in a Patrol Base etc for majority of tour, even the best of lads in fine fettle can be affected from living conditions, constant patrolling (and its inherent dangers), seeing mates injured and worse killed, the Army would rather not take that risk of taking someone who has had a history of illness like yours.
    A work colleague/mate of mine decided that he had enough of a fellow soldier hassling him and took a SA80 to the soldier and killed him then shot himself in the head. This occured in Kabul before we were in Helmand. Did he have mental problems in past? Well who knows, we didnt but with cases like that the Army will always err on the side of caution.
  6. This was saddening to read and I really feel for the loss.

    Where as I definitely understand your point, unless they can be 100% certain that I'm not going to relapse and harm myself or the others around me, I also feel I have changed as a person from then.

    Being ill with post fatigue syndrome at the time and the stress of that and the thoughts of never getting into the army at that time (childhood dream) did really apply such a strain on my mental stature.

    I feel I am a fair amount stronger than most, dealing with that at 14 mainly on my own, I learnt my limits, the ways I could push them, I moved away, I sorted myself out, I became myself again, to now I can easily managed the stress I was once under, as well as a stable job, my studies and a relationship, after speaking to a careers adviser they said if I can prove I am over it and if I can get my GP to write a letter saying that I am now in a stable mental state and if I could have it down to a blip at that age of just a stressful period and not knowing how to deal with it at 14 then there could be the chance they over turn the deferral?

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  7. Self harming can often be a side effect of more deep rooted mental health problems.
    If you do appeal it go against you on the basis that you did self harm & may need help for that?
    If you wait & dont have any more episodes it may make you a stronger character?
  8. That is very true, however it can also be down to a chemical imbalance in the brain, I think each case is unique, however I did contemplate waiting for the duration of the deferral period, however when there is something you want to do with all your heart then of course you're going to fight for it, along with if even of it gets declined I will try again after the deferral as this would show dedication and commitment, but yeah, I'll still not 100% atm.

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  9. I've been deferred for the same reason MilkLizard. The army requires a time period of 3 years since the incident before you can apply. As you are still within the 3 year period you cannot appeal this. Although now it'll seem like a lifetime of waiting you'll find the months fly by! Just use the time like me to get fit and prepared, good luck :)
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