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Alright Troops! Just on looking abit of info on my application process, see if any of you highly intelligent people can enlighten me abit. Well basically I had a driving ban about two years ago, decided it was the right time to join up. Booked a barb test, when upto take the barb test and was then told that an email had to be sent away, for approval before I am able to continue my application. It's been 2 months since this has happened and I am now worried that I havent been approved. So basically anyone been in the same boat? Or will I have to think of another career path?
Im not banned anymore though. I served my ban over a year ago. I have since then re took my driving test and gained my license back.
banned in the uk...cant see how that ban would apply if your in afghnistan or that..intresting tho let us know the outcome
Put brain in gear before answering with stupid responses............I take it your use to call of duty and other games where you just jump in abandoned vehicles and drive.

ok to answer the question as people have already said....only your ACIO can give you accurate info and response from the 203 action.

Your 203 Special Enlistment Authority is more than likely taking time with SO2 Caseworker due to the convictions you got with your ban as they could be an issue against your Rehabiliation of offenders act. Obviously your Recruiter has seen what UNSPENT convictions you have from this and also need guidance from SPSO for the job you are going for especially if its a CEG requiring a LGV. Speak to your Recruiter and hopefully they have news for you back from RG but they can take time..even though you have your licence back remember that it stays on there a while after and if you have other convictions aswell could be an issue.
As people subject to the various Armed Forces Acts are subject to English law at all times, his ban would still have been relevant in Afghanistan (in theory).
who says anythin about call of duty wow!!!!!
call of duty is always getting brought into things lmao!!
I appreciate you editing your comments and removing spunk bucket from the original that pinged into my emails this morning, I dont like being that intimate on our first date.

Seeing you were ex TA and now going through ITC I thought you would be a bit more clued up but will give you the benefit of the doubt regarding the driving of vehicles within the Army. At the end of ITC when you hopefully have the chance to get your LGV licence it still doesnt permit you to drive any vehicle, you will find that you then need to do familirization training on nearly every equipment in the Army before you can drive individual vehicles. Even after that you then need to pass a matrix test for the country you go to knowing all the rules etc that they might your comments above about being banned in the UK shouldnt have any problem in Afghanistan did show a complete lack of reality didnt it.

Good luck in ITC i truely mean it but please put brain in gear before commenting.
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