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I recently applied for the army (c3 systems in the RE). I passed my barb test and was having a few problems with getting my doctor to fill in an health questionnaire form. After my careers office twice sending a form off and me personally taking one in they still never filled it in and sent it off. During this time I was having a few family problems and never got back in touch with my careers office when I got a letter sent saying 'If we havent heard from you in 7 days we will assume you no longer want to carry on with the process and your application will be with drawn. This was over four weeks ago. Now I'm still hoping to join and I'm wondering If I will have to start all my application process again?
How about ask your recruiting office?
like the muff man said fella only person that can answer that is your recruiter as you im also going in as c3 engineer if it something you really want youd be on the phone 1st thing in the morning good luck
Take the medical form to your Dr personally, arrange an appointment, and sit down with the Dr, and explain to them that there is a slip with the medical form that entitles the Dr to a certain amount of money for filling it in (£70 I think). It only takes about 15 minutes to fill in, explain this to the Dr, DO NOT LEAVE IT WITH THEM AS IT WILL NOT BE FILLED IN ANYTIME SOON! peace, Andre.
I had the same letter, and my application got withdrawn - however all this means is that it gets filed in a kind of archive place away from the current applications. I had no problem restarting it - without going back to the very beginning!

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