Application advice please...

Firstly, let me just say that I have looked around a good number of forums already, but can’t find anything that answers my questions.
I want to make an application to Sandhurst, however I have previously made two applications to the RAF! Obviously I understand that I’m going to get a fair bit of abuse about the Army being my second choice but I don’t really see it like that! My ambition is and always has been to be in the military. I think it’s a life that would suit me and that I’d be good at! The reason I chose the RAF was because I wanted to fly. In both my applications I failed at the aptitude stage (to be honest, I should never have made my second application, but I was given some pretty bad advice), and was never able to complete the leadership exercises and interviews etc. The only real positive to come out of my RAF apps is that at my initial filter interviews (I suppose the RAF equivalent to the AOSB briefing) I was rated as very competitive for selection. And after failing the Aircrew aptitudes I was encouraged to try for other commissioned roles, but to be honest I have no desire to sit behind a desk. I suppose if anything it shows that I’m determined!
This is something I have thought about a lot, and it is definitely what I want to do! But I don’t really want to start my application if it’s not going to be taken seriously because of my previous applications or if they’re going to work against me in some way. I’m under no illusions as to how tough it is to get into Sandhurst, especially given the current economic circumstances, but I’m confident in my own abilities that I would be competitive at AOSB.
As I said, I am expecting some abuse/banter, but some constructive advice would also be nice...

Thanks in advance

No abuse at all, just go into your local AFCO/ACIO and ask to speak with the ACA1 (Officer) they will be able to give you details and you might even find hes around that location. As a potential officer use every time you visit as an interview so smartly dressed, confidence etc as you are expected to be on the ball straight away. Explain about your previous applications and any short falls you may have had as you can use them to show your motivation and also explain how you have tried to improve since.
First of all I really would not worry about getting abuse, everyone is a REMF according to someone else in the military, even if you are a front line infantryman, the para will give you abuse and even if you are a para the SAS would give you abuse. So I honestly would not worry about other people saying they have done more or been through more danger, because there is ALWAYS someone who has done more than you or joined the army younger or got a better score. Just do your best and then do a little more, its all part of the fun!

If you want to become an officer then apply! Go fill in your online application. There is nothing stopping you. I will say expect it to take a full 12months for you to get into Sandhurst though, so keep that in mind, besides that go for it!

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