application: 3 job choices, how does this work?

I have put dog handler down as choice 1 on my application. Frankly dog handling is all I really want to do and I only put the other 2 choices down because I was told I had to. How does it work with the 3 choices? will they be putting my application through for the role of dog handler first and foremost or will they be putting all 3 jobs through at once?

For example if I pass the interview and ADSC but then job choice 2 or 3 comes up before Ive been given then chance to go for the RAVC selection will I have to accept that job or will I be able to say no, I want to wait to get invited to RAVC selectiong before I consider another job? Or will my other 2 choices not be considered until Ive been given the opportunity to go through the full selection process for dog handler?
The reason for three choices is if you failed for medical reasons (eg eyesight)or physical standards on your first choice then you can be assessed on other jobs whilst at ADSC. A big factor for Dog handler and other jobs where you need a seperate board is if you pass at ADSC but later fail at Dog Selection (extremely hard course to pass due to limited numbers)then you then can be put forward for your 2nd/3rd choice when finally put in the big awaiting allocation pot after you know you arent going to get your first thing chat to your recruiter about it.

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