Apple win bid to Re-brand the British Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. In a bid to change the image of the British Army and increase recruitment the MoD have decided to re-brand. Apple are pleased that their bid of some belly button fluff and a Milky Way won the bidding war against Microsoft and Mad Mikes Army Store.
    The British Soldier will be renamed the iSquadie – Available in a variety of interchangeable silicon DPM skins.
    Each unit will come with its own iGat - a weapons system with an integrated MP3 Player so you can turn a war-zone or Stag into your own Disco. iGat also fire’s musical rounds.
    iGrot will also be available in variety of skins and interfaces. Only availaby if host country like adult iGrot-erotica.
    iGwa is also available
    The iSquadie should not be used near children or virgins.

    Any other trendy iShite the Army should try?

    I’ll get my techie coat.
  2. LMAO! Did you make this up or borrow it? :D
  3. iThink this one's heading for the hole of doom!
  4. What do you mean, the iSquadie is a fantastic product. It's a modern day classic design, waterproof and works well in sandy conditions.

    Next Month Apple will be introducing the iStretch which can double your office out put for a fraction of the cost and the iClap - the only Apple product with more viruses than Microsoft but allows hours of solo singing fun and one hand dance moves!
  5. Fortunately they will be bringing out the iactionman for the children at Christmas. It comes complete with ipod but all other kit must be purchased off ebay :wink:
  6. iGwar! Fookin outstanding!
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    There could be the iwank for the Genaral Staff.
  8. It will dovetail nicely with the existing iPB.

    Shorts and flipflops in this weather, no coat.
  9. Dont Naval boarding Parties already have these?
  10. The Navy trialed the iPie - it plays "Fat bottom girls make the Iranian Nuclear Rocket World go Round" by Queen on a continous loop.
  11. Will messes serv the iPint cheap strong and guarranteed to make the iGwar more attractive?

  12. The two interact on many levels, apparently.
  13. Will the iRaq shortly be superceeded by the iRan?

    iDon't believe iAm fuelling this thread......
  14. Will the iSquaddie be backwards compatible with the iDontgiveaflyingfcuk?
  15. You are correct the iPint is on the market but comes with a health warning.
    Last Month an iSquadie claimed his ten iPint's made him do a full download into an iSlut and is on the 9 month waiting list for an iBastard .