Apple v Adobe (Flash on the iPhone etc)

What will the outcome be?

  • Adobe opens up Flash and gives in

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  • Adobe opens up Flash under the excuse of wider Google / MS / HTML5 pressure

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  • The conflictru mbles on then Flash dies as a format anyway as HTML5 becomes the norm

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  • One for the extreme gamblers - Silverlight takes over

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Place your bets - who will triumph? In the red corner - Adobe with its proprietary Flash format. In the blue Steve jobs - blocking Flash and trying to stop developers using Adobe products because Flash isn't open.

Let's see if 'squad average' can do the trick predicting the ourcome of technology battles.
I'm undecided between 1 and 3 at the moment.

Jobs is a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing, claiming to support Open Source whilst pushing iPone dominance. Basically it's a campaign against Flash dominated websites that the iPhone won't support or render into a readable format.

Until a decent app that supports copyright protection of images challenges Flash's dominance, then it's here to stay. It has massive downsides in that it is counter productive for SEO, and can slow a page's upload time, but it is one of the few ways of preventing an image from being stolen (screen grabs accepted of course).

HTML 5.0 will be a long time coming, current estimates are 2020+, and I can't see iPhone, and more importantly iTablet, users waiting that long.

As for M$hite Silverlight - you're havin' a larf aren't you Boss? Have you tried using it? Or worse deploying it!


I picked 4 in the end, but I think that Flash will appear on Apple's kit before that!
Gremlin said:
HTML 5.0 will be a long time coming, current estimates are 2020+
It's already supported in the latest versions of most desktop browsers, so I don't think it will be long until HTML5 sites are a regular occurence (with support for HTML 4 browsers) . Within the year?
Actually probably a bit optimistic. Checking my facts shows that some or most of it is already supported by the lastest versions, although I haven't been able to find out exactly which bits in IE8 which seems to be evolving.
3 for me. The way interweb facilities, clients and apparatus are evolving I think Adobe will relent in its protective ways. Also I think Apple has thought through their strategy and know how to play this issue.
The site stats show that 44% (ish) of users are on MSIE. I'd be interested to see that as a breakdown by version (6,7 & 8 ) given that a lot of Corporates (and I suspect the MoD) are still using IE6 which doesn't even support CSS/Div mapped pages properly!

As for HTML5 based sites in the next year, I don't doubt that there will be experimental ones but mainstream?

There is an interesting view from a design/dev perspective here:

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