Apple TV? Worth it? Alternatives?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Excognito, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. Following on from my other thread about the Apple iMac, I've also been wondering about the value of an Apple TV to allow my wife to play her music and video through both the home TV and (more importantly) the caravan TV. If it had an integrated DVD player, I don't think I'd be asking this question, but as it doesn't, what alternatives are there (price as well as capability wise).

    I'm also considering the viability of an older Apple Mac mini, with integrated DVD, as a dual-purpose device (both as a "takeaway" mac and for home use). Any thoughts (clean ones, that is!).

  2. slingbox for tv
  3. Caravan? Are you the bloke I trailed for 20 mins yesterday doing 30 in a 50 zone with your fecking caravan. Burn it with fire.
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  4. Not me. I have a Merc E320. I'm not she's noticed the caravan keeping close formation behind her, but the caravan did - it turned white with fear, which saved cleaning it.
  5. Hmm. Thanks, but I'm not sure this is what I'm after. I'm after something that goes the other way round, that is Apple iPad (via Bluetooth or WiFi) to <device> to TV (where <device> = Apple TV or whatever).
  6. Slingbox transmits signal down broadband lines to any digital device with software installed on it, you can change your skybox at home and record onto your existing box, and watch anywhere in world using a phone line. - Watch Your TV Anywhere
  7. Do you have subtitles for that?
  8. Not in English, no. Add "sure" between "not" and "she's" in the 3rd sentence. :oops:
  9. Yep, that doesn't appear to be what I'm after. I want to stream the video/music(/DVD) from an Apple(/Android) onto the stand-alone TV in my caravan.
  10. So you're after something with AirPlay/music streaming?
  11. Yes, preferentially capable of operation by SWMBO without the presence of our 7-yr old or myself.
  12. Apple TV kicks arrse, but jailbreak it first, then from your iPad/Pad/Phone control it using the "Remote" app, and connect to all your shared libraries, not just iTunes.
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    I have two and they just work. I use the iPad with a VPN to get UK TV here in Canada and then Airplay it via the Apple TV to my big boy set up. Works a treat. Plus I use my Netflick's account via the Apple TV and am looking to get a hacked Hulu Plus account. Once that is done goodbye overpriced and rubbish Cable TV.

    If you have sold your soul to Apple (as I have) it makes sense and is easy to do.
  14. Does the Apple TV let you play imported DVDs and CDs or does it restrict you to stuff bought through iTunes? (hence my question about an older Apple TV with integrated DVD)
  15. Good lord, you had 2 chances and missed both of them
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