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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by down_under, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. I am looking at buying a new phone and the iPhone from Apple has caught my eye. Has anyone got any views/experience/comments on this phone. Is it worth the dosh or should I look for something else.
    I did a search for any related threads, honest injun, and the only thing that came up was something about Skynet 5A.
  2. to be honest mate, i think the i-phone is abit of a fashion item at the moment! id save the dosh and just get something half the price thats gunna do the same job. quite a few of my mates have these blackbury esq phones that you can pick up for cheap nowa days and are pretty good, you can get gps and what not on them same as the i-phone internet and all the usualy, plus i-phone is still contracted for so many months isnt it?
  3. I must admit, I used to be a mobile phone junkie but then lost interest about five years ago. Ever since I've used a basic Nokia and used it purely as a mobile phone, no texting, email, web, etc. Until the other month when I got myself a 3G 8gig iPhone when they were launched here in the US.

    Don't know what they are selling for back there but in the US they are 200 bucks on a two year contract. Personally I think it's the mutt's nuts.
    I particularly like the large touch screen which is great for internet use and that it can connect to wireless networks. It syncs with Outlook so can download my contacts and calendar plus of course it's an iPod.
    The apps are also very useful and there are a ton of free ones. For example there's a nice voice recorder app, an eBay app for checking the status of what you are buying, selling or watching, a little lockbox app for saving encrypted usernames and passwords, online currency and unit convertors, etc. The pre-installed apps are excellent as well, a configurable world clock, calculator, GPS mapping through Google, multi-location weather, etc.

    The downside is minor, I'd liked a higher resolution camera and the ability to save video images as well as stills. I don't like having to sync it through iTunes but it works without drama. Adding your own ringtones involves some messing around with third party software or through websites. The touch screen keyboard takes a little while to get used to. I have to aim slightly to the left of letters. But once you're used to it, it is very quick and easy to use.

    I'm sure the Blackberry can do just as much and more, plus other alternatives but I like the ease of use and style of the iPhone.
  4. Been to have a look at one, hmmm, they don't look very digger proof. They say it has a glass screen instead of a placcy one. I wonder how strong that'll be when in the hands of a soldier. lol. Now whilst looking at the iphone I also saw a Blackberry... now I don't know what I want. Aaagh. Sometimes being spoilt for choice really does suck. Oh for the days when all they had was a number pad...
    Looks like I'll have to hit the review pages on the interweb.
  5. The iPhone definitely needs the additional plastic screen protector. Not only for protecting it when knocked but without it the screen gets smothered in greasy fingerprints.
  6. I'm also looking a the iphone, the Samsung Tocco or the HTC. Go on youtube and do a search and you will see many comparison videos.

    I think the iphone is too expensive although a quality product (less the camera). The Tocco just seems to struggle a bit with its OS (not as fluid) and the HTC maybe on the small side for a touch phone.

    Omnia looks good but as it is brand new will be pricey.

    So yes I cant quite decide... back to youtube!
  7. I have just upgraded from my HTC Touch to the Samsung Omnia.
    The Touch was the best phone I ever had. I haven't really used the Omnia yet as the wife took it off me but it seems good. Built in GPS and a 5MP camers.

    The good thing about windows mobile phones is they are just like a laptop. With built in wi-fi and HSDPA you can surf the net anywhere.
    I got both phones for free on a £25 a month package
  8. I got an iPhone about a month ago on a free upgrade. A great phone with bags of functionality but.... I see your points on digger proof. I have taken it on exercise, it survived but this was not an overly taxing (environmentaly) exercise. What has gripped my sh!t is that I cannot send picture messages, so no taking photographs and texting them. Furthermore, no video camera. The camera is however pretty good.

    The rest of the features are good and the sync capability is useful. Battery life, not so bad but I get about 48 hours with minimal use out of it before it needs a recharge.

    Not a bad phone, would not recommend it for a deploying phone as I too have concerns of durability. I have dropped it a couple of times and it seems okay, but inclement conditions may cause an issue. More for your city types that do not get their hands dirty (touch screen!).
  9. ive always stayed clear of the iphone because it is just a fashion item at the moment and there is to much hype about it. so i will tell you what i have told a few friends stay clear of it until they have worked out all the minor problems and go for the blackberry or another big name brand that have not been around for two minutes. and also get yourself an ipod touch it has alot of the features the iphone anly thing missing is the actual phone part and the stuff that would come with it. its what i did and have no regrets so far.

  10. I was given an iPhone 3G lately, and it's not too bad, but has a tendency to "hang" now and again (although this is possibly a legacy of it being unlocked from 02)

    I recently bought this in Noo Yoik:


    BlackBerry 8830 World Edition. Velly tough as old boot. Full keyboard is useful, and it can handle Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. I'm not sure if this exact model is available in the UK yet, though.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Psywar says it very well. There is a lot of other phones out there that do much the same as the iPhone but to be honest not as stylishly. The iphone interface is very very slick.

    Personally I like it and it does everything I need, the internet experience is second to none on a mobile.

    I had a 2g one for a while and now a 16gig 3g one. They are surprisingly robust, the screen does not suffer from scratching and I don't particulalrly take any extra care with it.

    It gets my recommendation, for what thats worth. :D
  12. Agree with other post re. camera, MMS etc. but having had a Blackberry Curve and now an IPhone 3G (16Gb) I can safely say... The Iphone is the mutts nuts.
    Simple to get your head round its functionality and once you do, it's an absolute joy to use.
    Free applications for you to download as and when, not to mention direct access to Itunes. I recently to it on a deployment with me and it really came into it's own, with all the tv and podcasts I had downloaded onto it.

    Bottom line and IMHO, it's worth the money.
  13. I'm looking at a 3G Iphone, as I'm spending way too much on PAYG. The carphone warehouse do them from £99 for the handset, and O2 do various contracts depending on your needs. If you don't use it that much, you can now get PAYG; I don't know whether they charge for internet, GPS etc, but it's likely.

    The Iphone will sychronise with a Mac, so you can transfer the calendar, email etc across to your phone, much more easily than a nokia. They come in ridiculously large sizes now, and saves you carrying an Ipod around as well.
  14. Was checking out the 30min sales pitch video on Apples' site. Jeeeezus, I don't think I'd use half the applications it has; but, being somewhat of a gadget man these days I reckon I'll get the iPhone. Plus reading the responses in this thread has steered me that way... although I did almost go with the Blackberry after seeing the pic of the 8830 that SauceDoctor posted. Ta very much for the info fellas.