Apple Airport Express

I'm off on tour in a bit and I know my room will have a socket to plug in to high speed broadband. However, I had intended to take an iPad, not a laptop.

If I got myself an Apple Airport Express could I plug that into the socket, associate my iPad to it and merrily surf/Skype away?

Would it really be that easy?

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If your hotel has broadband WiFi, why would you need it? Every hotel and most B&Bs that I've stayed in over the last few years have had it, well at least everyone in Europe and North America has, Africa is a bit behind the time as far as the internet goes.
Cabana - where are/were you?

I'm off to Kandahar and I've been informed that the none-wireless subscription stuff will support Skype.

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I am in Kandahar and yes, the none wireless subscription will support Skype. There are a number of providers here and the best one is IFONE, and they provide 256 or 512 packages up and down (definitely not up), but there is latency due to their satellite connection and speeds do vary depending on the time of day/night.

When are you coming to this happy place then?

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