Hello! I developed appendicitis on Wednesday and have since had the bugger removed. Now, I was assured by several doctors that it would not at all affect me joining the Army and in six weeks maximum it would be as if it had never happened.
Since then I have contacted my Careers Office - the people 'in the know' - and was informed "I don't know what happens now... I'll get back to you". So I waited, and impatience got the better of me and I rang them again. My careers advisor is now on leave, and won't be returning for a little while.
I have searched the site, but the only post I can find informed me that someone was deferred for a year, which isn't very comforting. It would be great if someone could confirm this or scoff at me and say I'll be fine and I need to get over myself and get stuck in (please do).

Thanks in advance!
Round the world yachtsman and the like (and astronauts) get them removed as a precaution. Play it up as an advantage - "You'll never have to evacuate me because of.....".

Incidentally, if your kid has a sore lower right gut the key thing is "rebound pain". Gently depress area, suddenly take your hand away, if taking the pressure off makes the pain much worse, it's appendicitis.
I had mine out when still in, no training for at least 4 weeks then build up should be ok. If you try to train early you will do more harm than good. Just turn up at ATR explain what has happened, and you told the ACIO and they didn't have any problems with it, where you are with your training if you make an issue out of it so will they be positive at all times.
A guy turned up during my basic, who had been stabbed. Still cracked on where he could mind.
I was 6 weeks away from basic when mine burst - and that was almost a year ago. Army doesn't have a problem with it, and am in now, but still hurts like a bitch sometimes doing sit ups. Mine took me a good two months to heal properly too.
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