Appearance at interview?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Zega, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Hello!

    Just wondering how my appearance should be at the interview as i don't have a tie and its too late to get one now seeing as it's on monday!

    Is this important or is it something i shouldn't worry about?

  2. My housemate who has never served in the Army just looked at your post and remarked idiot... so I guess that means yes!

    It depends on what stage you are at, but I would try to get a tie before hand. Even if you buy it just before you go in... or get yourself to a Tesco tomorrow and buy one.

  3. Same as any job interview, first impressions...enough said.
  4. Well it looks like i will have to borrow a tie off my dad then, my school tie is a no-no!

    Does the careers officehave to have received the letter from my GP before the interview?

  5. Two cliches for you:

    1) You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.
    2) Poor Planning and Preparation gives Piss Poor Performance

    They've become cliches because they're true.

    Good luck!
  6. What he said.

    Or if not simple enough:

    1. Suit.
    2. Restrained shirt selection.
    3. Restrained tie selection.
    4. POLISHED shoes.
    5. A good shave.

    Be positive and ask questions, lots of them.
    The daftest question is one never asked. :thumleft:

    Edit: Sorry forgot to add, good luck mate.
  7. Conversely,

    Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!!

    The old ones are the best..
  8. In fact, further to above... take a notebook with questions written down with you. That will show you are very keen.

    good luck.
  9. How is it too late to get one? Does Leeds operate a no-shopping policy on Sundays? Unless you're interviewing for a job in a fast-food 'restaurant' or are a computing genius, suit and tie = smart = good impression.

    Good luck, by the way!
  10. my recruiters and interviewers were really laid back and just said to luk msart and that could mean wearing jeans aslong as you look smart which i thought was kinda wiered unless they was just saying that to see if i came in jeans but i wore shirt and tie anyway, if its your 1st interview its not too importantif you have a tie (in my opinion) because its with your recruiting officer but make sure you have one for your second interview

  11. As previously echoed

    You only get one chance to make a first impression.

    Wear a suit and a tie-Sunday trading hours are 1000 to 1600. Go to a shop and buy a tie (ffs, don't get a comedy one whatever you do)!

    Polished shoes
    Clean Shaven
    Talk confidently
    Don't waffle
    Don't slouch

    And good luck!
  12. lol get one with naked woman on, or a christmas one that sings
  13. Its all in the shoes !!
    first impressions and all that, you can learn a lot about a persons shoes, attention to detail.

    Good luck.

    Wee man.

  14. Ahh the voice of experience then :roll:

    Will wearing a tie get you in the army ? No

    Will NOT wearing a tie bar you entry into the army ? No

    Will making a good impression help get you in the army ? Yes

    Will wearing a tie make a good impression ? Of course

    If your dad has a half decent tie then wear it but why can't you get one today? It may be Sunday but many shops are still open, especially the likes of Tescos who do a run on clothes now.

    The things to remember is they interviewer has to make a decision on you, they have probably had allsorts through the door who can't even spring for trouserd or even shoes, lets not forget many who go into service have little in the way of money. if you are not wearing a tie that doesn't mean they will bin you however they must decide wheter you are commited enough to complete training if haven't even bothered your arrse in getting the most fundemental interview item.

    Also I agree with the wee man, shoes are VERY important, black, leather and shiny, if you can't polish your shoes, what the feck are you going to do with your uniform.

    My advice for the interview mate is show that you are positive and determined and you understand what you are about to undertake, don't think its a bolted on certainity that you will pass. One thing they look for inthe younger potential recruit is maturity, if you fail for anything it will be because the interviewer thinks you are too imature in you outlook to suffer the training
  15. A £ 3 shirt and £ 3 tie from one of my favourite designers, A S Da is better than an expensive casual shirt for an interview IMHO. As others have said, a plain, sensible shirt and restrained tie are best.

    If you can scrape the funds, you can get suits as Asda and Tesco now for £ 35- £ 50. Have you got a birthday coming up someone will get you the suit for? It's worth the investment.

    A suit is always useful, and once you get in (see the power of positive thought there?) you'll want one from time to time for dinners, weddings and the like.

    Good luck at the interview.