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Hi guys/lassies
Wondering if any 1 with advice for me i recently recieved a letter off lichfield stating i was unfit for army duty due to a lump on my face but the lump is just a sist shall i just appeal or not i thought i wud of failed due to asthma when younger but no all over a little lump on my face any info welcome thanx
I would recommend that you go and see your GP and enquire about having it removed. If it is just a cyst then it should be a simple procedure.

I'm not 100% sure that doing that will make a difference but if you've already been deffered, what have you got to lose?
well i rang hospital asking for a letter to back me up but the consultant is off for a week it doesnt half mess ure moral up after ive been training for ages for this but he bk nxt week shall i just send off the letter to lichfield plus a cover letter from me stating that it doesnt affect me in any way
well the truth that its not cancer etc... and that it shudnt affect me in any way with basic training if u think i shud add more let me know
Does said cyst actually affect anything? As in is it on your chin in such a way you'd struggle to do a chin strap up? Is it on your nose blocking your vision?

I can't see the problem here, I get small cysts every now and then on my back, a quick op under local and it's gone with a tiny scar, doesn't stop me doing CFT's or anything else military.

Get it lopped off, quick and easy, then consider how to get past the issue about your asthma.
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