Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pendulum, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. I got deferred in from the Army in September 2006.

    Lost my letter so can't tell you the exact words :x

    But i am not allowed to apply again till July 2008, i was wondering if it was too late to appeal.

    Or if i tried to apply again will i just be allowed in?

    EDIT: I got deferred because of my GP questionnaire results.
  2. I spoke to a recruit on the army.mod site today and he told me this.

    Where an applicant wishes a review of a medical decision based on an incorrect medical diagnosis or insufficient medical evidence the Applicant should appeal to the SMO at the ADSC they attended.
    The Applicant must enclose a letter written by themselves"explaining the reason for the appeal. This must be accompanied by a letter from the Applicant’s GP or specialist confirming the diagnosis and including any additional medical evidence not previously available to support the Applicant’s claim.
    The SMO will then carry out a review of the medical evidence and a decision made which will be notified to the Applicant. The letters can be handed in at the Army Careers Office, the recruiters can send them to the SMO on behalf of the applicant.

    Can somebody explain this to me?
  3. You might as well appeal. It show grit and determination.
  4. I recently appealed and I think because I showed determination they are reconsidering my case, it's definitely worth a try!
  5. April, were you the reporter in "The teenage mutant ninja turtles"?? :)
  6. Yeah I am Smudge67 so glad someone has remembered me. I learnt some useful ninja moves from boys!
  7. Sorry to be rude, but do you mind showing me the letter you wrote.

    Or give me tips, i have no idea how to write letters, im crap with words.
  8. No probs, check your PM Pendulum!
  9. Pendulum i'm pretty sure you didn't speak to a recruit on army mod :oops:

    Just include NEW MEDICAL EVIDENCE if it was on medical grounds, get your doc to include some information helping your case
  10. Thanks for the help everyone, especially April :D

    And i meant
  11. Yeah lol it's a online recruitment officer, or whatever, Recruit = not passed training or anything :D.