Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by rstste, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. hi i received a phonecall from my local army careers centre on firday inviting me to an insight course on the 7th but sat morning i received a deferral from the lichfield medical wing for 12 months clear on a whiplash injury where i had a stiff neck for 2 days in feb this year

    they are asking me to do a diary of a weekly routine of my training and want me to involve carrying 20kg on a 120 min hike and 3-5 mile run twice a week with NO PAIN in my neck

    but i do double this and more for my weekly training already with no pain and spoke to my advisor today and been told they cant send me on the insight course which i was really looking forward to incase i sustaine an injury :evil:

    has anyone ever been sucessful with an appeal or am i going to have to wait 6 months to reapply then another few months to get to the stage im at now :(

    any help would be appriciated
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    There have been a few instances mentioned on here where appeals have been successful.

    It's understandable that they are trying to protect all sides from any possible problems with a further injury. However all rules have an exception. Give it a try, they can only say no and you're no worse off than where you are today. Best of luck.
  3. thanks iv just booked an appointment with my GP so going to ask them for a medical and a letter off them to send with my own might look better if im making more of an effort and showing im really interested
  4. In a general sense yes, I've successfully appealed against a rejection letter.

    If you can forward additional medical evidence or a letter from someone who is an authority in the field your medical dilemma falls under they may / will reconsider their initial ruling.
  5. got a phonecall on tuesday my appeal was accepted went for my 2nd interveiw and chose my three jobs id like to do from barb test and num and lit tests

    as everyone said theres not much taking on this year atall and not much untill middle of next year

    my choices were

    RLC - Senior Driver
    RSigs - Communication Systems Operator
    RLC - Logistics Specialist (Supply)

    got my 3rd interview on 26th :D
  6. Senior Driver???? surely its just Driver?
  7. not sure just says on the info leaflet they gave me at the top in bold writing ROYAL LOGISTICS CORPS - SENIOR DRIVER

    i think its cos under 21s are classed as junior drivers tho :?