appealing rejection from the army??

i recieved a rejection letter from the army medical team a few days ago and would like to appeal, in the letter its states that once i can meet the following criteria i can reapply does this mean that i have to start the whole process of applying again or can i simply send the required information to the medical staff and go from there?
is there a certain process to appealing this decision in which the recruiters are involved or is it down to me?
The letter will explain everything, if you believe there is wrong information on there you need to get the GP/Consultants and you to all write letters explaining that wrong information had been sent. However if the information is correct and its just you don't meet the medical requirements you are very unlikely you win the appeal. Get all the information together and send directly to ADSC Medical not through your recruiter. If you check in Regular Recruiting forumn medical questions this has been asked loads of times before.
You mean the UK Army doesn't want a 72 year old former USAF Airman? Better keep hitting the Total Gym Carlos.
Didn't realise he's 72. Wow - I hope I'm in that kind of shape in my 70s (if I even live that long)

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