Hi there, I wonder if anyone here can help me.I was binned at RSC due to some unfounded medical problem.I was referred to a Cardiologist who examined me and told me that i had a slight cardiac problem.I received a letter from the RSC infroming that i was ineligible to join the Army.My GP referred me to a Consultant Cardiology.They performed an Echo and the results of the Echo showed that there was no problem at all.I received a letter from the consultant telling me about the results.My Careers office forwarded the letter to the RSC as per their(RSC) request.Now i am waiting to hear from them again.Does anyone know how long i will have to wait before i hear from them.Am i likely going to receive bad news from them since i received a satisfactory evidence from the Consultant Cardiologist confirming that the results of my Echo were within the normal limits
Its all medical in confidence and each appeal is dealt with on an individual basis by the SMO at selection centres. Knowing a few other potential applicants i had it could take three or four weeks for them to get all the evidence they need so sit back and what ever will be will be. Fingers crossed.

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