Appealing an RTU decision - Are there options and how can I find them?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by von_Richthofen, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Breach of PERSEC;

    Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for you replies.
  2. Have you listened to yourself? You want to 'Serve to Lead' and become a leader of men yet your statement only tells me that you will think of yourself only. How can you be MFD if physical exercise worsens your constant pain? If by some act of God you are allowed to stay on the course and by the same act pass, I fear that you will never lead from the front due to your 'constant pain'. In my view the CO is bang on and he has one eye on the future. I believe you are telling the Doc and Physio what they want to hear so it appears they are on your side. Man up, admit that through injury you are unable to complete the course and move on.
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  3. You're looking at permanent damage and severe arthritis later on if you try to carry on, let alone not being able to do your job properly (as Shepherd's pie pointed out). Do you seriously want to end up being medically discharged?
  4. Have replied in the other thread you started too but also this one. Yes, you are almost guaranteed osteo-arthritis, a constant nagging pain that gets worse depending on tiredness, exercise, and even weather. Depending on age and time already served his could lead to your MFD slowly going downhill and potentially PAP 10 depending on degree of degradation. Take it on the chin; you did not fail though being inadequate but through injury. At least you went for it. Next option, RTU backntonhe Corps, get your head in the game and look towards LE. good luck.
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    I just feel that I can give more, and want the opportunity to prove it.
  6. Good luck anyway, mate.
  7. Thank you.
  8. It took me literally 20 seconds to find out who you are from your post. Strong persec buddy.............