Appealing against attributable pension decision

Does anyone know how i appeal against the decision they make for an attributable pension.

Was med discharged a few months ago and was awarded a war pension assessed at 30% disablitiy all attributable to the forces. I have been in contact with the pensions admin at glasgow to see if my invaliding pension will now be changed to an attributable pension. The reply was that i have only been assessed by them as 14% disablity and therefore i would not be entitled to an attributable pension. They ran through the conditions that were present on my discharge papers but 1 of the conditions was missing, this being several fractures in my foot (still waiting for surgery on this and have been for 9 months) that was assessed alone by the WPA as 20% disability.

Sorry to rabbit on but basically i just want to know how i go about getting this sorted as there has obviously been a fcuk up along the way somewhere, and as the attributable pension is higher than the invalading - i want it!

mate is having same sort of problem.

he was discharged last year after nearly 22 years with MS & they are seriously d1cking him about with pension/benefits he is entitled to.

if you get any joy please post & i will pass the info onto him cause he is truely computer illterate.

good luck.
Oldbaldy : Thanks mate im already off there tomorrow

A_Knocker : Will do mate. I got a bit carried away on the phone to the pension staff but she said she doesnt make the decision. Basically there was no mention of my multi fractured foot on the discharge papers so they wouldnt include it, yet the war pensions agency found it to be the cause of the army. The pension lady told me i could appeal but didnt give any info how so i guess british legion is the way ahead. I'll update you tomorrow!
The Appeal mechanism for appealing to the Veterans Agency:

You must right back to them immediately and request an appeal.Firstly you can ask them to look at your case again and ask them to overturn their decision, but I doubt they will.Once you have done that get back to me through the PM. What you can do in the meantime is get back to your GP/Specialist who is/are treating you for your condition/s.Get them to give you a through medical and make a report on it and how it will affect your day to day life from now on.

Good luck mate, you'll need all your humour and your families support, give the veterans agency a call, might be able to suggest other options .
Thanks for the replies, but this is not an appeal against the veterans agency. I am happy with th 30% disability they have given me. I want to appeal against the decision of my Service Attributable Pension through the Armed Forces Pension Agency. This is a service pension and it is them that have made a mistake.

But again thanks for the info!

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