Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SNOOPP, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi there, i wonder if anyone can help me. i was rejected at RSC because of slight medical problem which didnt believe.I was referred to the Army Cardiologist who examined me and told me that i had a slight Cardiac problem.Sadly i received a letter from the RSC informing me that i was ineligible to apply to join the Army.My GP didnt also believe the results,so he referred me to my Local NHS where the Consultant Cardiologist performed the same tests.Today i received a letter from the consultant Cardiologist which read"This gentleman's echocardiography studies performed on the 10th June 2007 were within the normal limits.There was no features to suggest Abnormal Cardiac problem ".

    Judging from the above, do you think i will be recalled to the RSC since i have got no problems at all.How long will i have to wait before i hear from them
  2. Get on the blower to your ACIO and he should put a call through to RSC for you. Alot of lads on my selection (4/06/07) were diagnosed with a "heart murmur" due to an irregular beat, however its usually caused by nerves or perhaps too much caffeine/sugar on the day. And if you have been given the all clear then its definately worth a shot mate, best of luck to you.

  3. A Heart murmer would not preclude you from joining it gets put in your medical notes on arrival at phase 1(FMED 4). only if it was something more serious. Some of the doctors at RSC make decisions off their own backs so get in touch with your ACIO/AFCO they should fight your corner.
  4. i would at least ring them up, best off luck, sounds like you have a half decent case
  5. To get things moving faster get your GP to get the notes from this further test and send with a letter of explanation straight to the RSC med wing on top of your medical rejection letter. The GP has already recieved money for initial paperwork so shouldnt charge any extra for further info if he's a decent bloke. This way when the SMO has his admin day every week, fortnight he will have the information in front of him. When I was recruiting we advised this as it is all medical in confidence and recruiters/senior recruiters cannot get involved( ACIO would just forward it on anyway). I had similar cases and once all the info is in front of the SMO he can assess it better and if the BUPA Heart murmor is proved to be inaccurate they can investigate the causes of this especially with the costs involved. All your info on TAFMIS would be locked and at the RSC Rejected stage now so ACIO couldnt do much more anyway. Hope this helps
    Thanks for your advise.Well, as soon as i received the letter from the Consultant Cardiologist, i rang the medical wing at the RSC and informed them about the letter i had received from the Cardiologist.They adviced me to take that letter to my ACIO .When i got to the ACIO , I gave them the letter and they phoned RSC and explained the contents of my letter.ACIO was informed to fax the letter to the RSC.That is how i handled the case.Now i am waiting
  7. Good to hear keep us informed how it goes I had a few cases like this and all worked out well in the past so fingers crossed for you. Carry on with your fitness and hopefully youll get good news and found med suitable in the next few weeks
  8. Fingers crossed mate, sounds like you should make it through!

    Apparently, so I hear, a lot of the population have completely innocent heart murmers anyway.

    When I was RSC, in my medical I had quite high blood pressure/heart rate. Only thing was I'd been on the go since the morning BEFORE my RSC Day One due to having to get on a train on 0145 (friggin Bank Holidays).

    By the book I should have been rejected, but he said to me that it's down to common sense and with how active I am it was almost certainly down to my lack of sleep and high caffeine level at the time, combined with nerves.
  9. One top tip before you all go down to ADSC for selection is the couple of days before you go down dont do anything too energetic. Keep off things like fizzy pop and Red Bull type drinks and cut out your physical training the day before you go down. The medical side told me this on one of the visits I did to Lichfield. It does cut down a lot of heart murmor referrals.
  10. Aye we all got told that too.

    Usually I only have my one religious coffee in the morning and drink nothing but water during the week - course having been on the 0145 train, I didn't bother going to bed that night so was fooking shattered and pro-plus'd up :thumright:

    Thanfuly there are SMO's who use common sense.
  11. Well, today i phone The Medical wing at the RSC and they told me that they received the Dr' s letter but they forwarded it to the Occupational Medicine who will make the decision.Is that the formality or elsewhere they are just tying to put me off from joing the Army?
  12. Yes this is a formality. there are more specialists there that will deal with your case. Fingers crossed.
  13. Does the same rule apply to me when I go to start training at Catterick? I know you have a medical in the first week thats all.

  14. The medical at ITC is to make shure that you haven't picked up any injuries since RSC. And to make shure that you are fit to train.
  15. As RMA said, by the second week your pulse and heart beat will be on Max 10 with all the tabbing youll be doing anyway :wink:

    Good luck