Appealing a rejection

Ok, a short time ago i received a letter from Glencourse to the effect of, Sorry but we believe you have a history of a condition that would permanently exclude you from serving in the military.

Something in my records between 2003-2006 they are a tad unhappy with.

Though while it says i do not have an automatic appeal of this decision, they would consider an appeal should i send them copies of medical records, i dont have many as i hardly ever go to the doctors at all.

Basically the main question is, writing a covering letter to add ontop of these medical records when i send them off, what way should i word it, should it be along the lines off "please see my medical records, which shows consistency, not many doctor visits, and general good health"

Or "I think your wrong, let me in" which i realise would not be a good thing to say.

Does anyone here have any experience in having to appeal like this, any and all advice (including intermittant banter) will be accepted.
Maybe if you could say what condition the Army believe you have you might be able to get some better answers. Just a tip, most of these guys seem to love the detail.
Ive gone to the doctors twice about the certain "alledged" condition in question since 2003, once right in the middle of my a level exams, the other in 2006 when i worked in a nightclub and started doing a lot more of the day shifts doing deliveries etc, than opposed to working the nights, both staying up and revising in 2003, and messing with my sleep cycle in 2006, meant on two occasions ive had trouble sleeping on a night.

Now im pretty sure here that any slight issues were caused by lack of sleep and fatigue, rather than an underlying anxiety condition, which it doesnt actually state i have in my records, but the had mentioned it when he filled my med form in, but when i visited a doctor in 2006, it was the one and only time i saw that doctor, i tend to only reregister after ive moved when i need to see a doctor.

Ive got all my medical records getting copied and posting out to me, from 2002 up to the current date. And the most serious thing id say on it was getting knocked over by a car in september 07, and managing to get to work the next day.

Theres no continuous/continuing occurance of stress related anxiety in my records, just one suspected occasion, and another one where the new doctor thinkgs it might be related, three and a half years apart.

Now i know the opposite side to the argument of, if its happened once it may happen again etc, but including getting knocked over, being made redundant, moving twice, losing long term partner, losing a very close friend (and moving back in with parents) ive been mentally strong and not affected.

Im going to have to spend time going over my records in fine detail when i get them all, but even my own mother whos not to keen on me joining up, and would think of any excuse to dissuade me, couldnt think off the top of her head the last time id even been to a doctors.

One of the reasons i didnt join the army a while back, was out of respect to my partner, who unfortunately miscarried, and things just didnt go well in respects to talking about the army, ive wanted to join up for a while, and i have taken the plunge this time, and i want to know how would be best to write a letter (included with my medical records) and word it, so that it doesnt look like im just whinging for a review and that i want (as i do) the chance to serve my country.
Hope at the end of the tunnel.

1st entry, Tired and headaches, has been studying a lot, appetite ok, sleep normal, not depressed. Worry of pending exams, no loss of weight, poss stress/anxiety

the second thing, that i put down as a suspected panic attack, which was only witnessed by my late partner, has been listed in my records as

"Viral disease (x70LU) Problem: shaking episode last night, cough + no headache or vomiting. History: - no fits, vision good.
Examination: - Well alert, no rashes, Temperature ok.
Intervention: - explanation, continue paracetamol and fluids"

So things actually look a bit brighter than they did before
Geordie when I got out of HM forces and applied to go and work for the MOD at DST Leconfield as a civvy. I had to go through a medical, during the medical one of the tests showed blood in my urine. Because the doctor had found blood in my urine he put it on the medical report and set the blood away for analysis, thankfully everything came back OK. However mindful that he had entered the fact that I had blood traces on the medical report (Which I had not sent back) I got him to endorse the bottom of the report with the words “There is no medical reason why this man could not take up this employment”

Although I know your case is slightly different, maybe if you have a word with your doctor and get him to draft a letter to go with your appeal it may do the trick.

Remember the doctor reviewing your case on behalf of the Army will be very loath to overrule a professional colleague.

Best of luck
Well he told me pretty much what i needed to put down in a letter, and said id be able to be more figurative in my letter, than he would be if he wrote it, the records i have got copies off from him are pretty good in respect of helping me i think.
just a thought but i have manneged to come to an"agrement" with them by having a specialist consultant write to them along with tretment plans and have gone from not a chance in hell to if the treatment is sucesfull. Maybey if you took the time to see a consultant and get a full check done ect and the info sent off your appeal might be more sucessfull
All you can do is get as much information as possible with letters from your GP, specialists and yourself explaining the situation in full. Ive known quite a few rejections overturned after more specialist information, but by the end of the day the SMO has the final say.
Geordie can I be honest?

I have seen alot of people get deferred for stress related conditions on this forum alone.......that includes myself. If your condition is as menial as you say then there shouldn't be a reason to stop you appealing.

I won my appeal and got an answer back less than a week after my deferral notice.......I was on it like a fly around sh it.....

The Army guidlines state that you must be clear of symptoms and/or treatment for 2 yrs. I was deferred because of 2 consultations I had were headed as stress related (I did not recieve any treatment)

If you do not get a letter from your doctor to provide evidence that you can undertake military service, I can't see it going your way!? My doctor wrote a letter costing me off course (£17) to state that with the limited space available for the explanation of those consultations he innocently neglected to go into it further because it was such a common header (stress related) for a person to see a doctor. It was taken literally although I wasn't treated for anything.

I also wrote a longish personal letter to compliment that doctors letter, I can e-mail an edited version if you think it may come in handy for you?
The bottom line is..........if you are honest about the reasons behind the deferral then in my experience for something so trivial (in my case) it can be appealed and turned around.
I allready went through my records and posted them off to glencorse today, special next day recorded delivery by 1pm!

Obviously the reasons i was rejected outright, were because ive had an instance within the past 2 years, or so said one doctor, but the actual notes of the visit i made were due to viral infection.

Which destroys the whole continuing history thing, and with such a minor stress related issue that i have mentioned about, im being calmly optimistic.
Oddly it took just short of two weeks for the letter to arrive, from the date it had on inside (1st may) so maybe it was sent by carrier pigeon?

Anyways i know its (appeal stuff) going to be at least somewhere on the base by 1pm tomorrow!

I have just read this and wondered if you could email me a copy of the wording in the letter you mentioned.
The reason why i am asking is that i have been deffered on medical grounds and need to appeal. This was for blood in urine, which i have now since sending off the medical had this retested and there was no blood in urine found.
Would be appreciated thanks.
joejoe8 said:

I have just read this and wondered if you could email me a copy of the wording in the letter you mentioned.
The reason why i am asking is that i have been deffered on medical grounds and need to appeal. This was for blood in urine, which i have now since sending off the medical had this retested and there was no blood in urine found.
Would be appreciated thanks.

No problem mate.

The letter is one I wrote myself not from my'll need to pay him to write you a letter to confirm he finds you suitable for military service. Without his backing I can't see an appeal working?

Also alot of my letter was referring to my mental state due to my deferral being due to stress related consultations. You will need to add anything to do with your deferral.

PM your e-mail address
Sent the e-mail tonight.

I'm off to selection in the morning. Make sure you let me know how your appeal goes.

Good luck!!
How has it gone do you know yet mate? I went in army training in 04 and come out, since Ive been thought to have been an alcoholic, which turned out a false alarm I just went out alot :D and then when drunk I self harmed a couple of times and that was in 06, I then was thought to have been psychotic, which seriously was my ex-gf hitting the right buttons to wind me up which she loved to do for an argument, anyway... Im trying royal navy at the minute and if fails more than likely army again, but need help on the MODs medical guidelines so either army/navy recruits with any similiar defferals will be a big help to me as well. All that stuff happened in 06 by the way and as I never took any medication nor did I get diagnosed anything its all on my GP records which I do find so annoying.
Hi Geordie, if your there, how's your appeal gone?

I have been medically deferred because i put down on the medical forms that i had a migraine last december and the december before that.

Another guy on here had been to the GP and specialists about the same thing and got passed(no deferral) yet i get deferred and i've never even been to the GP about it. His migraines were only 4 months ago and mine were 7 also!
Ive only as of the other week end got back access to the net on my own computer!

The appeal has went well, just the other day had my second interview. They said they are quite happy to send me off to selection. I need to go up the night before, so i can do a spiro test first thing in the morning before every other bugger turns up.

They are going to call me to confirm, but it looks like 27th august for the selection.

The only thing that is still worrying me slightly is my heaves (eeek)

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