Appealing a deferral ("migraines")

I am a 16 year old male (nearly 17) whom have been looking to join the British Army for literally years. I have done my fair share of research into my chosen Regiment and have been preparing myself for AFC Harrogate for quite a while.

I just came back from my Selection at ATC Pirbright after receiving a deferral for 2 f**king years after stupidly commenting to my assigned doctor that I have experienced a migraine a few months ago (I was being too honest/truthful). Ive never had a medical diagnosis, a history of medical problems nor suffered from allergies, uncontrolled reactions, mental problems (etc) and I do not regularly get "migraines". I'm as clean as a whistle other than the ongoing "migraine" issue.

The doctor at ATC Pirbright said I'm physically fit to undergo training for the British Army but cannot continue the assessment phase due to my "migraine" problem.
To note: I don't recall going to my GP about migraines in the past therefore he may not have records.

Looking back at it now, I don't believe it was a migraine but rather a headache. I felt absolutely gutted and disappointed when he broke the bad news to me.

Is there anyway I can successfully appeal the deferral (advice to do so would be great) and have a chance at the March 2019 intake for AFC Harrogate? (Received the medical deferral on the 11th Dec 2018 )

Much appreciated

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