Appealing a BFG ban

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by skintboymike, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,

    A few months back I popped into my BFG office in JHQ to enquire about deregistering my car, as I was about to be posted rather sharpish to UK (only a couple of weeks grace). The bloke behind the counter (Mr T***y) told me I could do everything from UK, so, happy as Larry, off I went. I got back to UK and found out I should have sent off a BFG 414 before I left, cue long (and admittedly rather understanding) correspondence with Customs and Immigration. The advice I received from Customs stated that I would have to use a VAT 414 to register my car and, as a result, may face a 5 year BFG ban and all that entails.

    I'm a long way off returning to Germany, but would like a bit of advice from anyone in the know;

    1. Is there an appeals process I can resolve this issue with?

    2. Is my case eligible for appeal?

    3. Can this be done now, as opposed to waiting until I return to BFG?

    4. Does anyone have any examples of BFG bans being lifted on appeal?

    I know that the black and white answer is that I'm a pr*ck, and I should have read and memorised all 8000 pages of BFG standing orders. The fact remains though that I was given duff advice by someone in an influential position. Quite obviously if he'd told me which paperwork to fill out at the time, I would have done so.

    I was under the impression that the extended BFG bans were brought in a few years ago to crack down on all those dodgy folk who were registering cars in their kids names and selling them on every couple of months. Surely, as I had no intentions of selling or making money from my car, this could be taken into consideration?

    Any advice/words of wisdom/pointing of fingers/guffawing from the floor is appreciated.
  2. I know several people who have appealed successfully over a BFG ban.

    A phone call/letter to the C&I Liaison office stating the facts of the matter (quoting the names and place of advice received), if you can show it was a genuine mistake, you acted in good faith and tried to rectify the problem as soon as you became aware.

    The Col there is very helpful and has been doing the job long enough to usually enable him to differentiate between the blagger and the genuine

    Hope this helps
  3. Can it be done without any future posting to Germany on the horizon? I'd like to nip it in the bud now so that, if my appeal is unsuccessful, I can make other motoring arrangements. (ie; a bicycle)
  4. I would imagine it would be better to address the issue now rather than waiting for another posting. The problem C&I have is the ever increasing abuse of the tax-free system, especially with the advent of E bay and other such sites.

    People buying goods tax free and selling them on is jeopardising the whole shabang and making them (C&I) ever more sceptical to excuses
  5. It really f*cking winds me up that some folk have been getting away with murder for years in BFG, but I make a small paperwork whoopsie and I'm shot down.

    I still have the paperwork from C+I, I'll knock up a letter now, cheers.
  6. If you were told this by the guy behind the desk then you have grounds for an appeal. You have nothing to lose by appealing. The worst they are going to do is say no, and leave you with a 5 year ban.

    Write a letter stating that you had a fast ball, and that you asked the BFG for help. If you have any witnesses to him telling you a pile of hoop, all the better. If you contacted customs and excise ref the situation, then get their side of the deal and any names and dates when you contacted them.

    On the other hand if you are not returning to BFG it wont affect you.
  7. awww I thought this might be a snozcumber question your majester.
  8. I have every intention of returning to BFG but have only just left. I don't have a clue how long it will be before I go back.

    The annoying thing about BFG bans is that it's ONE punishment for a MULTITUDE of mistakes/crimes. The 5 year ban carries over too, so this would effectively end any hopes I have of ever buying a tax free car in Germany again.

    One question - do similar rules and regulations apply to tax free vehicles in SHAPE? If they do, would a BFG ban still count there?
  9. I have a mate who has just come from SHAPE will ask him. He did say that the NATO way of registering cars was a lot less of an ARRSE ache than the BFG system.
  10. Hi,
    I used to work in the BFG office in Bruggan and left just as these new rules and regulations came in. I know of a few people that appealed against these bans and have had them lifted. The thing is from what I can remember the ban doesn't just affect you, if you are married it will also affect your wife.
    If you do a letter to the Col of Customs and Immigration and copy that letter to the Col of VLO also see if the boss of your new unit can put in a support letter saying you are trustworthy or some sort of character reference it would all work in your favour.
  11. Yes you are able to buy tax free cars but who ever told you that the SHAPE way of registering cars was easier than BFG obviously has a different perception of what makes his asre ache, last year when we came to reg our cars through SHAPE we had to "sell" both cars to the entitled person, potentially making them have at least two owners when trying to resell, also complicating the insurance side of life. Wait in line for about an hour and a half at the local Belgian testing centre, to have the cars inspected, in far greater detail and to a higher standard than BFG or even MOT paying about 60 euros for the pleasure. Fill in many and varied forms in quadruplicate perfectly or they are returned, and then wait and wait and wait before the Belgian civil servant who's job it is gets round to processing the paperwork so that you are entitled to your special No plates.

    On recipt of smart new plates you immediately stop being a possible tourist for whom a modicum of tolerance is made and you become the target for every local Belgian (who seem to believe you are the spawn of the devil) as they take great delight in cutting you up at every opportunity. Or it could just be somthing to do with my driving but I can't believe that I'm a wonderful driver.
  12. Just got my letter back from the Lt Col at BFG VLO, he's f*cked me off at the high port with a rather snotty letter about BFG standing orders. Cheers anyway to all those who offered advice.

    Although it is my fault, my main gripe in all of this is that the system sees no difference between someone trying to make a fortune by selling on tax free cars, and someone who messed up his deregistration paperwork. There should be differing levels of punishment for the varying crimes.
  13. If I remember correctly those at BFG C&I all had Mercedes, or other top end cars.

    Sorry it did not work out for you.
  14. :x
  15. The way I see this is that you have been made a scapegoat, C&I/BFG and all involved now have their figures even for the year.

    They did the same with me a few years ago. I was also from JHQ and posted out in a hurry, the BFG office advised me on how to go about things and due to delays (out of my hands) I was punished. I did everything they asked me to do but got shat on for it.

    I didn't appeal or anything and my ban is now spent, but I'm sure people like us even out their annual statistics so that other people can get back to buying and selling top end cars on a daily basis whilst going unpunished.