Appeal to go Regular

I have some questions regarding whether to go Regular or not.

Several years ago I failed the RCB Briefing due to my eye sight. I had a Cat 1 but after seeing my prescription they failed me and sent a letter saying that I am unfit for military service.

Since then I have passed both TCB Briefing and TCB (they knew there that I failed on the Regular selection due to my eye sight but did not seem bothered by it), then I commissioned from Sandhurst with a good report (grade B). Other thing I have achieved include two silver medals for Cambrian Patrol (including as the patrol commander), passing P Company and recently I had a good OJARs for the work I have been doing with the TA.

What I am really posting to ask is where do I stand with regard to going regular. Will they turn me away again due to the problem with my eyesight, or do they recognise that I do have something to offer? If I want to go regular how do I appeal against the decision that had been made a few years ago?

If I stay in the TA what will happen when I am deployed? Will they turn me away when I get to Chilwell, even though the Army has spent so long training me? Will they look at my previous military records or do they have no record (in the TA) of my dealings with the Regular Army?

So do I take a pay cut and go Regular? Or stay in the TA with a good civi job and go on operations every few years (if they let me), but without the benefits of being in the Regular Army when I deploy?

Thanks to anyone who may be able to help with this problem.
General. I know that part of this issue is being very closely scrutinised in HQ LAND - i.e., the bit about transferring to reg from TA without the CC for people with a certain amount of service behind them and some utility ahead of them (and decorations play a part - why would the Regular Army turn away a TA EOD or AT who has decorated operational experience ?). So what? In principle the do-ability is being studied. If you can transfer from the Royal Navy as a commissioned officer without any time at RMAS why not transfer from TA to reg if there is a mutual benefit?

Eyesight. Funnily enough this is not clearly defined - i.e., it is open to interpretation. HQ ATRA's position is that the risk is borne by the employer for all medical conditions. Is there a physical risk involved with your eyesight? [rhetorical as there rarely is]. If your eyesight is correctable then there shouldn't be much of a drama.

Appeal. Who do you appeal to? If you appeal to anyone below full Colonel you are likely to get blown out without much looking at: if you get blown out by a grown up then your chances of a successful subsequent appeal are reduced! I don't know the answer but will eneavour to discover!

Transfer. If you were successful which part of the Regular Army would you transfer into, and why would they want you (meant in the best possible way)? If you are over 30 and looking to tfr to the infantry then you would not be doing yourself any great favours - competition is great and you would probably need to do 2 or 3 years service in order to be competitve/catch up.

If you have personal details you would rather not air in the open, do pm me.

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