Appeal over ex-service homeless

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 26, 2007.

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    This was one of the earliest issues raised on Arrse
  2. The quote from the Local Government Association:

    This stinks, it appears that the same councils who have happily sold of former housing stock now have no control on how it's own housing policy is implemented, for fear of queue jumpng.

    Well done to Theresa Theobold again. With the length of waiting lists, should service pers apply to every council at the minus five-years stage?
  3. I'll try again.

    The offending part of the Housing Act of 1996 was supposed to have been repealed, to allow military families to claim rented accomodation in the area they have a connection with.

    That ex-sevicemen are being let down by the system is a disgrace.
  4. Thanks guys for the comment .....parcels43 has grown slightly since the freepost campaign.... we now have a website at , we launched a new re designed site on Dec 21st and the new campaign was launched on BBC 5 live early on Christmas day.
    Please let your fab contacts help me and thousands of others yet again , regards Teresa , please copy and paste the statemnent below and pass to all in your mailbox.
    Parcels43 Supporting Our Troops new campaign

    (Priority housing 4 x forces) Our brave Troops serve their country and fight for the freedom of others in countries around the globe, while serving their country they have an automatic right to be housed by our Government in MOD properties. On leaving the forces the Troops have a very different fight on their hands.

    The new fight is that to keep a roof over their heads, This is shameful, They shouldn't have to fight, or wait to be classed as homeless as many are, afteral they were once part of one of the most elite services in the world.

    Most Housing authorities have no special arrangment in place for military personnel leaving service, this area need to be addressed.

    Please go to the link below and support our new petition, forward the link on to all in your mail box asking them to also do the same .....Thankyou on behalf of Parcels43 supporting our Troops
  5. Jim Panton, Chief Executive of PoppyScotland put it brilliantly when he said:

    "When you join the armed forces you do it on the basis that you know you are giving up your civil rights, like your right to freedom of speech on the understanding that the repayment for giving up those rights is that you will be looked after for the rest of your life, whether you are still serving or not."
  6. Hi Tereasa,
    Your latest idea is brilliant, however Hitback is already covering this area; please see link:-

    Hitback as been working on a Early Day Motion (EDM), for over 2 years, just a suggestion. But, would it be better for you to work in tandem with Hitback?

    Otherwise, this would be the second petition, that l as well as many others have signed, in as many years. What we need to do, is ALL get behind and support the EDM, by continually, e-mailing your local as well as other MPs, to get them to acknowledge and support the forces housing EDM.

    As the saying goes "two minds are better than one", and we need all the help that we can get.
  7. Thank you themonsstar. However we have all been working on this issue, you as much as any. teresa, I'm very glad the parcel campaign did so well, but the issue of social housing is very complected. The fact that so many civilians suffer from very large waiting lists as well as rejection from local councils will not help the campaign. All our service families want is equal rights to the social housing waiting lists. The Legislation has been in place since 1978, any amendments to that legislation towards armed forces has been very slight over that time frame. The fact it states: there should be a strategic policy in place to help vulnerable people, like ex-armed forces, has gone a miss.

    The shortage of social housing in the UK is affect many families and will do for many years. it will take more than the three years me and many others have campaigned to get the issue resolved. Those in power understand the ramifications of this issue. The cost to them and their vision. I hope you you will still be willing to support this issue and are free to contact me at anytime.

    Kind regards

  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    To true themonsstar. A combined effort IMHO would be more consturctive and with the large amount of background work that hitback has already done perhaps teresa would consider working with him on this. Mind you as hitback has pointed out in another thread, "It's all going to happen thanks to The Sun".

    How do the forces manage without them.
  9. Teresa,

    Well done we need to really get this campaign going. Lets hit it hard!
  10. Well done Hitback and Tereasa

    May I also add that we need to look at the WHOLE issue - I am currently discussing with my MP the need to ensure ALL Vets' receive Priority Medical Treatment and Dental Treatment for our service people.

    The Defence Dental Services has IMHO easily enough bandwidth to treat our families whilst serving - they do so in Germany / Cyprus so why not here. I also believe that this can continue when our service people leave the forces as well.
  11. Shame that this petition isn't attracting the support it deserves.

    As PTP mentioned, this was one of the earliest "hot issues" of concern to service pers. Anyone wanting to sign:
  12. Signed and will write to ALL local Mp's and MEP to try and get a level playing field across the whole of the UK.

    What is the RBL and SSAFA doing about this very emotive issue?
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    The original petition on the Government petitions site had many more signatures than this one. Like it was suggested earlier a more joined up approach rather than everyone doing their own thing may have a better chance.

    Already been done.

    Involved in the original action with hitback and others.

    The PM promised when he became PM that removing the discrimination from the housing act which affects service personnel was to be removed. Perhaps a campaign asking him what progress has been made would be more affective.

    Perhaps a wade through the following THREAD may help or at least a squint through the last couple of pages to try and get the guist.
  14. Including BAFF, as you know. :D

    More info about this issue on BAFF website:

    That is a live page and certain to develop over the coming weeks.