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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by odyssey88, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Ok, i got my results for my RG8 back... not good...

    I've been declared unfit due to taken a tablet OD twice... this is wrong, as i have only done this once. Stupid i know. I tried to join last year, but had to wait until at least march this year for this to be clear 3yrs, that time has now come and gone... so i tried again, but as i already said, somehow they think it happened twice.

    So, i have an appointment with my doctor in about an hour and half, for her to go thro my records and write me a letter...

    But, i know i have to write one to the medial examiner aswell, so basiclly how should i word it? what should/shouldn't i put in the letter?

    any help will be much apprecitated.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Don't start the the letter with:

    "To whoever finds this letter...."
  3. hahahaha : :D
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Or "To all whom these presents shall come, greetings"
  5. Just get your GP to explian the mistake and that should be enough. The medical procedure is a pain in the arse! Dont worry about the unfit for service letter, I got one for being allergic to prawns FFS! It took me 18 months to get to ATR so dont expect quick results though.
  6. just back from the doctors, looks like i wont really need to write a letter pleading to get in...

    the story goes, i went to my docs to get the RG8 filled in, mentioned Feb 06, i had been deferred because of an overdoes, and she figured i ment i tried to OD in Feb 06... so she wrote it down on the RG8 that i had mentioned ODing in Feb 06, but that she didnt have a record... so she's going to write a letter telling them she ahd misheard me, and everything should be good now! wooo
  7. Sorry to hear that you had problems. Who fills out the form, you and your Doc or just Doc? I might need to appeal ;) Gotta wait till April till i'm 4 Yrs done.. do you choose when you do selection?
  8. Worried?

    Why should you be worried?

    I'm more concerned about the guy next to you on stag when you have a full mag and a history of suicidal tendencies.

    No I wouldnt be worried at all, although I would make sure that i have a big sign on my head that says "Dont come near me I've tried to top myself and who knows who I might take with me this time".

    Worried not I.

  9. lol.

    to be honest, it wasn't a full on lets die, it was more of a cry fior help (why i didnt just stand and shout help, i don't know) but hey, we all live and learn...

    So i know am not going to try to top myself.
  10. Good, you are what.. 19? Jesus.. I don't understand how someone can do that but hey.. not my life.. all I can advise is you assure them you are hunky dorey, wait.. and see.. in the appeal you should get your GP to say that you are stable, and that you have told him how good you feel and you must've been ill of mind when you did it.. I dunno lol.. :p
  11. Dont sympathize with him.

    He needs to know that no quater will be offerd and if you are big and bad enough to sign the doted line then you have to be man enough to take the rough and tumble and verbal abuse that is part of army life.

    Let him joined the medics where apart from a lack of fire power ther will be an abundance of readily available medication for those moments you're feeling a bit down and you need that little pick me up or terminal downer.

    Life just got a whole lot better.

    Remember if you cant take a joke you should'nt have joined.
  12. Yeah but you have to sympathise if he isn't even in yet, if he fails.. he might.. you know.. top himself. ;)

    Only kidding pal, best of luck, although personally I think you're a bit of a bender :p

    When i'm down, I put myself back up again.. i'm never down, just occasionally pissed off, but i'd never try that :/ I'm a bit of a loner cause no-one round here comes out (either working or fat) so that's another reason for me to want to join up. Don't do something like that to call for help though man.. just cut your wrists instead, saves money ^_^
  13. o, i dont expect a single bit of symapthy.

    and no am not 19, am 18.

    i can take it, and i'm going to. like i said, when it happened, it was a bad time for myself. but i'm fully over it now.

    i was a funny kid... grew up now tho, and ready to be a man about life...

    and don't worry, i can take a joke, and can give as good as i get :p
  14. Lol, fair enough, anyway, be ready to be grinded down for the first few weeks when you start basic, it's to weed out the pussies, but make sure you don't get depressed about it, they aint bullying you (much) :p
  15. yer, am expecting to get the utter shit beat out of me... but aslong as i can find a nice corner to huddle up in, am sure i'll beable to make it all better :p