Apparently the niqab is too revealing for some....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if this is outrageous enough for the ARRSE double-decker, but quite stunning...

    From the beeb

  2. Another fecking looney -ignore the tw@t and he'll feck off!
  3. Is the correct answer.
  4. It's all to do with the gambling thing they have....something like upping the ante.....but then again, like the gambling thing they have, so open to cheating. Nah, don't like that one much, take er and two mates down the old local judiciary and, hey, talak,talak,talak, can I have a fresh one please? True or not?
  5. No, I will go with that, as long as it is the quick flip up of the skirt.

    that gives us a glimpse of the 'brown eye.' He can't have any objection

    to that surely?
  6. The more covered up the better, ugly f*ckers the lot of em !
  7. I'm quite surprised soneone hasn't said that they have to wear black sunglasses as well yet.
  8. They must look like daliks or the aliens from the Simpsons (Kane and ?)
  9. Pat Condell describes the appearance of these things as a "Giant Pepper Pot". ;)

    I like the sunglasses idea, though I'm sure that eventually all women in that part of the world will be sititng inside hermectically sealed boxes that have little robotic legs and arms, so no one has to see them in their full seductive glory.

    Until someone takes exception to the term "box" and then it will have to be changed to a cylinder - no, no can't have that, no "tubes", erm.
    Octagons. No, not octagons, they have "points".

    Maybe men in the east would just be happier if women trancended to another plane of existence and ceased to have physical manifestations entirely :).
  10. [​IMG]
  11. When you come down to it, it really does show what a mindless tw@t Gary Glitter is. If he'd headed for the Middle East and stuck to (oops, no pun intended!) boys, he would have been welcomed with open, er, arms. They don't much like the look, feel or taste of women.
  12. As Mr Bruin is alleged to have only one eye working,maybe he should 'consult' with this mad cleric?
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Does this help?

    Zapped - sorry, forgot it was not the NAAFI! :twisted:
  14. Verbal descrip please!!! I'm intruiged!!!
  15. such a modern, forward thinking religion.....