apparently the army is running out of blanks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cavegary, Jul 17, 2005.

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  1. Suprised no one has mentioned this yet, so i will.

    For those of you not registered with the telegraph (some of their stories anyone can see online, others you have to register for, strange people) the jist is that the DLO has failed to order enough 5.56 blank rounds. So it's been suggested some exercises should be cancelled, or that the soldiers should shout "bang".

    Some more great press for the logistic organisation. Anyone know if this is being exagerrated/the press getting the wrong end of the stick, or is it truly this farcacal?
  2. This is nothing new. It happened when I did basic in 86 ("just shout BANG") and happened on my very last exercise in 1998 ("just shout BANG") and throughout my career. The only time I ever saw an abundance of blank ammo was at the FIBUA villages at Ballykinler and Copehill Down. It's not like the MoD are experts at procurement, is it!?
  3. So it's business as usual then for the TA. I can't remember ever being on an exercise when the blanks lasted longer than halfway through the fist firefight.
  4. Yup, nothing new, business as usual.

    I first learned that there was a shortage of blank when I organised my first exercise in - er - a long time ago.

    But blank is of limited usefulness anyway, as are the two sided exercises that go wth it, unless you are using simfire. Live firing, thatt's what you need, and lots of it.
  5. Seriously? We must have been using them all. Been on a good few exercises where there has been pressure to fire so much blank that you are thinking "am I ever going to get this weapon clean....".

    Perhaps the problem is less one of insufficient blank but uneven distribution? Either way, poor logistics.
  6. Am I the only person who remembers having to bury excess live ammo in the 80's because of the bureaucracy involved in returns? There are certain ranges in the UK and Germany where there must be much, much higher levels of lead in the earth than is normal....
  7. If you don't have enough ammo to get half way through the first firefight, it may not be the amount of ammo you have, but your fire dicipline that needs looking at :wink:
  8. I remember those days! Would not like to be around if they ever decide to build on some of the training areas in germany and start digging it all up!
  9. End of Basic in 1990 big cold exercise for 2 weeks, the live night range, told by staff to bury ammo that we haddn't used (live). Same exercise about a week later, told by same staff to bury ammo that we haddn't used (blank), end of exercise, told by ds to go back and dig up live...... :)
  10. pmsl @ you having to shout BANG!! tell me thats a joke pleeeease 8O

  11. I remember having to do a lot of 'Beirut' unloads with the TA. This annoys me as although I believe we should get some jollies for all the crap we have to put up with, I do believe each round should have good trg value. The problem is the system we use for getting the ammo and giving it back. No-one wants to give the stuff back for fear of having your allocation reduced in the coming year and the system for handing it back is too work-intensive. However, occasionally it does work out cheaper for the taxpayer for us to blat then stuff off at imaginary zulus starship troopers stylee than transport the damn things back (I believe so anyway). My main point is we need to reduce the amount of bureaucracy involved and this should lead to less waste.

    I'm off to Germany with my spade.
  12. The major shortage this year is alledgedly due to the fire at factory producing blank ammo last year. However, getting hold of sufficient blank ammo in recent years has always been an epic. What has always amused me is the 'use it or lose it' policy where an ammo entitlement can get chopped by roughly a third in the next financial year, hence the mad scramble by units to get rid of everything in the spring.
  13. I can imagine, twenty years hence, a load of mulleted German squaddies having a drunken BBQ somewhere in Sennelager and unwittingly setting off about a quarter ton of loose 7.62 ball....
  14. LOL !! "Mein Gott, vot voz das??"
  15. SNAFU. Back when I was in the TA(so far back even the Regs were still using the SLR.)we often had only enough blanks for half the soldiers on exercise. I have fond memories of watching SNCO's - most of them ex-reg. - running around, shouting BANG! and then arguing over who had been "shot" first.
    Nice to see the old traditions being kept up...