Apparently Service people lose kit.

Seems an MP is upset that people lose and break bits of kit, Link. I was always under the impression nothing was squaddie proof, and there was only a certain amount of kit to go round so you "borrowed" off other units to make up the shortfall.
What's the modern version of "Fire at Donnington" or "It went down on the Atlantic Conveyor"?

"Nicked by Afghans"?

Nothing to see here, just some divvy MP bleating and making herself look more even more stupid than we thought she was to begin with.


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a training depot loses kit - quite amazing.

where do they get bayonets are not weapons from? I thought they were still a starred item when complete. you can replace them in parts and just bash them together to make up the diffy though.
no need to panic, last time I checked we onlyhad 53,000 bayonets on the shelf at Donnington, works out at 15 years worth.

as for not hurting yourself with a training grenade, the journo has clearly never played keepy-uppy with one
The Army does have a strange sense of perspective, though.

There was more fuss about the 6' spirit level that I lost in Iraq than the Landrover and Conbat that I lost at Otterburn...
Its ok...Ive just found lots of it....on ebay....:)
pails into insignificance when compared to the NHS Thieving angles of mercy.
I've got 2 issue blankets, a bayonet (SA80 + SLR), 4 pistol mags, 9 rifle mags HK, 8 rifle mags RG, 4 Right Angle torches, a shovel, a sledge hammer, a rake, a garden fork, 3 sets of CBA, untold amounts of clothing, a Landrover petrol cooker (the square multi fuel types that are heavy), a multitude of tools, paintbrushes, black nasty, green string, a tommy bin, a bedford cam net, a water jerry can, a fuel jerry can, 4 issue pillows (feather type), a tool box that I use for my range box, plus a mountain of other shite that I can't think of right now. I dunno what they're moaning at! Its not lost its in my garage


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thank god the public are safe though , I was nearly worried there for a millisecond .

I am not giving my messtins back either .

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