Apparently if you are drunk and a muslim you can attack someone and get away with it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SpannerSpanker, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Not sure if anyone on here has seen this? Check the link and watch the video, the bloke spends a bit of time on his arse whilst defending his missu, but he gets some good hits in and then what really grips my shit is it looks like one of the muslim birds is trying to drop him in the shit with the cops when they tip up at the end.

    Mercy for the drunk Muslim girl gang who attacked woman - Telegraph

    I wonder if i was to stay sober on a Friday night and attack a muslim if i would get away with it on account of me not being used to being sober on a Friday night?
  2. Apologies for not trawling every forum and thread on the site and noticing it beforehand!
  3. This really is a spanker's thread....

    hence my presence....
  4. No need to trawl through every thread, there is a search function that you can use which will do that for you in seconds. Simples .
  5. Frankly you'd get more outrage posting the link on Al- Jezeera....drunk Muslims being violent, gosh, blows my mind....
  6. Awww, someone's tired...:)

    And the search function is toilet.
  7. That sharia thing mightn't be such a bad idea...