Apparently fuel duty is lower than it was in 1999

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by stacker1, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Having just looked at the on-going row about about fuel tax on sky news,,30400-1317233,00.html

    I came across the following quote
    The git fails to mentions the 17.5% vat that gets paid on fuel duty, still at least its an attempt at spin I just wonder who its supposed to fool?
  2. The Neu Arbeit representative on Newsnight this evening kept bleating on about how the Treasury take from fuel sales was proportionally declining, as if somehow that made rising fuel costs more acceptable to the electorate! :x Members of Parliament these days are seemingly more out of touch with the general public than in the 19th Century!
  3. They are having a 'Turkish.' I was driving into London on a daily basis in 1997 when the mob got in. I was paying 52p a litre for my 1989 Rangerover.

    I've still got the Rover because I use it to tow horses and the odd Fordson tractor I pick up on pissed ebay.

    A litre of petrol now stands at £1.15 and deisel a staggering £1.30.

    And it's still on the march. Vote them out FFS.
  4. Any statement with the words "in real terms" is a labour lie.

    I read that investors are causing rthe price jump, can anyone with more knowledge of this comment?
  5. It probably is lower than in 1999, but its the price of oil and the massive rise in the cost of fuel that has made it abundently clear that the Government needs to lower the taxes it takes from VAT/Vehicle Excise/Fuel Duty. I can't see it happening myself as Brown is desperate for money at the moment because he's spunked the budget on Northern Rock, quangos, the 2.7 billion tax cut, compensating those affected by 10p that IMO he'll cling to this MASSIVE revenue source for as long as possible. He'll probably bodge together some kind of sop to the truckers ("We feel your pain!" :roll: ) in the model of the 10p tax band which will mean that he can say that he's done something but will inevitably be full of holes and another nail in the coffin for this Government. Reaction to events, not planning for eventualities will never sustain.
  6. Hello,

    the cost of fuel is only a small proportion of the price you pay at the pump.
    The retailers margin is also tiny.
    Most of what you pay is tax and duty.

    However,fuel duty is set in pence per gallon (litres if you are a French),not as a percentage of the retail price.
    As oil prices go up,the fuel component of the retail price increases while the tax and duty component stays the same.
    Thus,as a proportion of the retail price,fuel duty goes down as the price of oil rises,even though you are paying the same duty on each gallon.

    Hence,the government can at the same time have hugely increased fuel duty since 1999 and claim that the percentage of fuel duty has not increased in real terms.

    If oil prices go down of course,fuel duty will increase in real terms.

    This graph may explain it more clearly:

    Most people might consider the proportion of duty they pay per gallon as of little more than academic interest,while the amount of duty is a very real term cost.

    They might also wonder whether it is a sackable offence for a civil servant to attempt to mislead the people they are meant to be serving.
    If not,perhaps it should be.

  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Radio 4 tonight had an arab gentleman on stating
    There is no cut back on demand you can find barrels of oil if you look
    The commodities market buy them from us and set the price not Opec

    What I gather from this then oil is litterally the same as gold you buy loads of it sit on it and relaease some to push up the price

    Problem is Brown needs every penny he can to get out of the economic downturn and fill the gaps that he has created by chucking money about

    Trouble is Brown and the rest of his gang may know the price of a barrel of oil he dosn't know how much it cost to fill a tank of petrol

    Aslong as he and his ilk can claim everything ( he claims his Sky back) on expences then they will never have to worry about the price of things

    Likewise by putting road tax up the only person he is hurting is the working man the very people Labour are meant to represent
    If you can afford £70k for a Range Rover £500 isn't going to hurt you to tax it

    Labour appear to be playing the you've never had it so good card
    I saw that awful Blears thing on tv the other night and alls she could harp on about was "under the Conservatives it was like this" - someone should tell them the last two goverments have been Labour FFS

    Svens awfully quiet these days
  8. I would agree with your statement - it just shouts "We're playing with the figures".

    With regard to your question, there has been some debate over whether speculators (not investors) are driving up the price of oil. Daily Telegraph article, for example. However there is no consensus as to whether they are or not, or if they are to what extent. I am not close enough to the markets to have an informed opinion, but I know that there has been significant speculation in other commodity markets in recent years, often to the detriment of the speculators. In any event, it would be almost impossible, and probably very counter-productive for any regulator to try and do anything about it.

    Sort of half an answer, maybe ;)

  9. Yep, agree, however, don't forget VAT, currently at 17.5%, is also charged on the price of the fuel and on the duty. Tax on tax! This is the other part of the triple whammy. (Whammy = fuel cost, plus fuel duty, plus VAT on fuel cost + fuel duty).

    That is from an interview with George Soros and his word is not to be taken lightly given his reputation. ;)
  10. I did a search on this and apparently the fact was recorded in Hansard on 17th July 2007 as claimed by a reader of John Redwoods blog last November. Redwood didn't deny that the figure was factual.
  11. Just for You I went to Hansard and got the appropriate information

    I quote

    Hansard, Written Answers 17th July 2007

    You were saying?

  12. Are you having a laugh Sven?
    How many posts have you put in this thread without actually having anything to say other than your usual atempt to derail the thread with irrelevant crap?

    As for "real terms", we all know that is simply an euphamism for bollox.
    The treasury has gained about a billion quid from the latest bout of fuel price rises, a nice bonus lump if cash for them to squander.
    We have ministers alernately telling us the government needs the money (to fritter away on mis-managment) and its for environmental reasons.
    We can discount any claim to it being for the benefit of the planet for several reasons, first of which is that non of this money is spent on looking for alternatives. Road fuels in the UK create a microscopic proportion of the pollution problem globally. There is no real evidence that taking al the cars off the road in the Uk would have any impact whatsoever on climate change (no, really. There isn't any definitive evidence)

    Fuel is massively expensive and it is strangling the economy as well as the individual motorist. A large proportion of fuel cost is tax. Whatever excuse the government uses for this tax at the end of the day it is just tax.

    Perhaps you could get one of those college lecturers to explain the ramifications of all this to you Sven? You patently are incapable of understanding the basics for yourself
  13. You are obviously het up about this - whereas I cannot be bothered routing through Nat Stats. Get the wife to help You with the search. :roll:
  14. With OLD figures
  15. But are you actually going to respond ot any of the points made Sven?
    Do you actually believe any of the statistics and justifications spouted by Brown & Co?
    High oil prices are a fact, nobody denies that, but what has a very large portion of the population hopping mad is the fact that the treaury continues to reap huge profit from it, to the extent that their slice is actually rising.
    The country is dying on its financial feet whilst politicians (youself included) tell us its unavoidable, infact they go a step further and justify it.
    At the same time as telling us that this financial crisis is inevitable (and nobodies fault) they are proposing to boost their own incomes to the tune of £38k at the tax payers expense.
    Can you honestly not see why the majority of people in this country feel politicians are beneath contempt?
    We are fed a constant barrage of lies and blatant corruption, we are supposed to accept gros mis-management that is bleeding us dry and pay the feckers more money for the privledge.
    Surely you can see this?