Apparantly we are all Fat and useless.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by k.I.N.G.O, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. I saw n the news recently that the TA are apparently all fat wasters well i have an idea for the politicians to think about over a brandy.

    Sponsorship, we get free membership to chain of gyms and in return we advertise their gyms for them.

    free advertising and free fitness wont break in to the budget that the MOD are worried about and we all get fit.

    what an incentive.
  2. I can't think of many gyms that would want a load of Kingos in them!

  3. or you could stop eating pies and start running! just a thought
  4. Why the hell is everyone on this forum obsessed with free gym membership recently??!!?? 8O

    FFS change the record
  5. Free? No.

    Having the MOD negotiate a deal (15/25% off) with a lot of the major chains (like a lot of big employers do) might help.

    PS BMF have given the standard corporate discount to TA soldiers.
  6. This not on another thread......just go for a run!
  7. i know plenty of fat fcukers who deliver on ops, who cares if they can run or not. the question is are they up to their job and its always yes. they are not infantry men but guys who deliver vital CSUPS to the F ESCH. does this make them a bad person.........NO does it fcuk
  8. I'm a 17 stone prop forward. Now I can bench press what you like and do situps/pressups till I'm blue in the face, but I have difficulty with running. It's not that I can't, I've got plenty of endurance (and can quite happily do the CFT), I just struggle to get round the BFT in the time. Anyone got any suggestions?
  9. Rather than get 10-15 % of gym membership...

    why not give up the 10-15% on maccyddddddddddddddddsss

    just a thought...
  10. sorry piespies my last imput was supposed to go on before you last one..
  11. i didnt know they did that!! whats the crack then, just flash the MOD90 and you get a free bigspack with large thighs??? :D
  12. I was just guessing,,, but it wouldn,t surpise me mate
  13. you're nearly right... it's BK :D
  14. cos we cant afford to pay for gym membership cos JPA wont pay us.