Appalling Research or am I just being thick.

I'm in the middle of reading an absolutley appalling 'SAS' novel that i picked up for 10p in a rafle sale. ( luck it was only 10p as it's shiite).

Now I'm not a military hisorian or weapons expert but the aythor apperas to have made some amazing gaffes.

1. the book starts in WW2, one of the characters asks another what REME stands for - he gets the reply " Rear Echelon Mother F**ker" now apart from the fact that it obviulsy doesn't , would two Eighth Army Pte's really have known this phrase - methinks more Vietnam than El Alamein.

2. the book moves forward to 1951 and Malaya- where the new SAS trainees ( called Rookies in the book) do their jungle phase, interstingly enough they were flown in on a Hercules in 1951???

3. One of the characters (still in 1951 mind) uses a clansman set to send a short burst transmission to HQ.

4. Apparently the AAC were flying around Malaya in 1951- now i always thought that the wartime AAC were disbanded in 1950 and reformed on Sept 1st 1957. Confusing.

5. The best bits are the weapons they had in 1951 - one of the Bren gunners uses a 300 round magazine?? how tall would that be??
another chap fires a 40mm round from his M203 that is fitted to his M1 Carbine ( in 1951!!!)

There's also mentions of Bergens and SLR's in the early 50's, i would have thought that these items came along later.

Anyway the book is called 'Exit Club' by Shaun Clarke and it is so pi$$ poor that it's quite good fun.
Certainly not showing off MB, just can't believe that this 'expert' is so far off the mark with his equipment and phraseology!
Certainly not showing off MB, just can't believe that this 'expert' is so far off the mark with his equipment and phraseology!
The one certain thing we can work out from this knobbers book is that he hs no knowledge of the Special Air Service

Mr Happy

I read a book set in the 70's in NI (again SAS featured) and the security forces patrolling had SA80's - ten years too early.

I guess we can't expect too much of our authors as well as our film makers.
I'm a little bit further on in the book now, and it's getting worse by the page!!.
I hope i'm not being too much of a pedant but some of the stuff that this guy is writing is just so ludicrous.

"sitting in his house in Redhill, Surrey.. overlooking the rolling Herefordshire countryside" Good eyes, that man!!

again he mentions that he thinks that REME stande for "Rear Echelon MFer"!!!!!!! :evil:

I know i'm being an anorak now, but he's got MK7 Lynx top covering Scouts in South Armagh? ( in the early 70's)
The AAC do not fly Wessex.
The Marines do not bring their own Gazelles with them when working over the water.

he mentions normal infantry on the streets of Belfast carrying M16's on one page, they then switch to using SA-80's and then more bizarrely they revert to Lee Enfield 303's?

Apparently the best way to insert a sneaky team into somebodies attic, is to start at one end of a terrace and then 'mousehole' your way through the attic walls of the other houses until you reach your target. ( I always thought that 'mouseholing' involved blowing holes in walls and then moving through them - Covert as hell in this scenario).

I'm not going to mention any more as it's making me look like a right spotter.

Shaun Clarke , You are an Arrse of the highest order.
It'd be funny though, imagine an elderly couple sitting down for their tea, pouring the drinks and a series of explosions go off.
"What's that dear?"
"Oh don't worry, it'll just be mice."

Funny as fcuk
Why don't you post a review on the amazon website?
Reading some of the pap that others have written I think it could be time for a reality check
Yes read it tooMr PVRd wrote

Remember reading one some years ago, in a moment of madness, set in the province, I think it was by somebody-Strong. It had every cliche in the book and was a bit nauseating. At least with a good old Gerald Seymour book you know the main guy will get wasted at the end
Whisper Who Dares................ :oops:

Yes read it too! is now in retrospect as cliched as a convention of 'Lesbians for the BNP' 8O
ISTR reading a review somewhere in which Terence Strong was praised for the penetrating accuracy and in-depth research that went into his series of SAS novels. 8O

There were three of them - the Fifth Hostage came next (about recovering a hostage from Iran - hostage has stunning Swedish girlfriend and microfilm with damning evidence about British complicity in something or other....) and Conflict of Lions. I didn't read the latter, but STR that it was based around a coup in a fictional African country, clearly borrowing from events in the Gambia in 1981. A schoolfriend did read it, and reviewed it quite succinctly: 'A right load of old sh1te' was his verdict.

Still, all of Strong's books are probably more accurate than the Nemesis File... :roll:
Embarrased as I am i shall drop myself further in the pooh by stating he also wrote "That Last Blue Mountain"....qouting R. Flecker and acknowleding the clock. For the uneducated, R.Flecker wrote a piece entitled " The golden Journey to Samarkand" from which the title is taken. :)

Mr Happy

Go on the Issi, get on Amazon and give the fecking author a kicking. And all those civvie wannabe's too.

I posted a review on Amazon one time and the author responded (I'd published my email address) and we had a brief chat about things and stuff.
I hope you charged a consultancy fee!
There you go, just posted a review on Amazon ( they reckon it might take a couple of days for it to appear!!.
Sits back and waits for Flak from wannabes and odd balls.

If anyone wants to read my copy , they're welcome, i'll even pay the postage and packing!!!!
Bergans were introduced in the mid 40s, but everything else sounds pap.

Mr Happy

General Melchett said:
Bergans were introduced in the mid 40s, but everything else sounds pap.
OK, I challange this.

Are we saying Bergens were introduced not as PLCE but earlier, to be replaced by the Larry Large Pack or are you saying Bergen meaning backpacks?

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