Appache Pilots take flight!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by india-juliet, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. 6 Apache Helicopter Pilots have left the Army Air Corps since 2002.

    The MoD has refused to divulge details saying only " This is a personal matter between the Pilots & the MoD.

    The Army Air Corps currently has 100 Appache Pilots and claims there is no shortage.
  2. You're worried that a massive 6 pilots have left in 4 years!, what F**king planet are you on mate.
  3. 6 in 4 years is not very many. I can't speak for all of them but some have been on medical grounds. When you also consider that the AAC is actively trying to reduce aircrew I don't think that DAAvn is quaking in his boots.
  4. 6 whole pilots in four years. Gees, how is TWA ever going to cope? :roll:

    I reckon a shed load more pilots have left the RAF in the last few years than that and some of them no doubt the expensive to train fast jet types.
  5. Is that the same as 6% in 4 years? Well that means that in 66 years there will none left, unless we train some more - have we thought of that?
  6. You mean to say that the AAC has the ability to train up pilots to replace those that have left 'Outstanding'? What a novel idea. I hope the person who thought that one up got promoted.

  7. How many have left since then?
  8. Some specialist technical cadres have suffered much higher 'drop-out' rates than this, in fact this is less than normal turn-over, in which case the AAC should be congratulated on such a good retention rate.

  9. A great deal of AH pilots are still under their return-of-service time bar. It will be interesting to see if many decide to leave once that is up.
  10. We train 6 ab initio pilots every month, even if only 1 goes Apache every year I don't think there's going to be a desperate shortage.

    The major pity as that so few NCOs (particularly female) apply for pilot training. I'd be more concerned about why this is.
  11. A massive 6 pilots, you've met some then, they do eat well.

  12. Hark at Sam 'Peter Sutcliffe' Caine.

    The birds don't want to fly with you because you carry a claw hammer in your nav bag.

    Many start a sortie 'dual' but you often come back solo, Sam. Whys that?? :shock:
  13. Why? do you like the faint smell of perspiring pussy as you guide them around Hampshire?

  14. He's fcuking lost then! (As usual......)

    How many AH pilots are trained each year? At present, more than enough to cover 6 leaving since 2002. Don't know how it will be once the masses shake off their time bar though. Maybe the Treasurer can fend that one off......... :boogie:

    Sam re: the NCO bit. I'll bet the AAC is sort of regreting the massive DE Officer drive of a few years ago. All those young thrusters that were recruited into the Corps are now SO3 Paperclips and Staples desk officers with no NCO's in the flying seat to balance the loss. Don't you just love the 2 year cycle the Corps has?

    Do NCOs army wide still know they can become pilots?

    How many are applying?
  15. I'm certainly looking at my S03 paperclips slot now.

    I know which way I'm jumping!

    I particularly love Glasgow's "Ostrich" approach to the problem...