APP6A Map Symbols

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by outofhours, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    Can anyone help me out with finding some APP6a Map Marking symbols in electronic format. I have tried various websites and there doesn't seem to be anything suitable (tried a map symbols site and it was just way too complicated!)

    Was hoping that someone might have a set of all of the common symbols made up in word format for easy cutting and pasting into other documents.

    any help would be greatly appreciated:)

  2. Contact BRACKENBURY TDW at Chicksands. They will be able to square you away.
  3. The complete APP6A symbology is integral to the Combat interface on Bowman.

    It may be theoretically possible to take some screen shots and utilise these by saving them into Open Office and from there into MS Office format.
  4. Failing that, they are included as a font in the electronic battle box.
  5. thanks guys,

    Getting a disc from the Electronic Battle Box tomorrow:)

    Thanks for the help though
  6. Did you know that it was an RLC major who had a hobby making True Type Fonts that created the original AAP6 Map Symbol fonts - he was in the ARRC at the time as it prepared for Bosnia......
  7. I have some sheets of Letraset map symbols that I stole during a visit to 71 Int Sect in 1979, if you want to buy them. PayPal only.
  8. Always use visio to do it
  11. Its in the public domain my freind!
  12. So I have just seen along with his complete bio - typical him ! Oh its Tom not Tim by the way ....
  13. Tom, Tim......the guy still needs a decent hobby!
  14. Prefer stickies myself....I'll raise you two boxes of viewfoils and a roll of red Lettrafilm from SSVC Minden. consumable items you know, just take in a signed 1033

    ( some time before I put the UNO pens [​IMG]and the Dyline machine on Ebay!)