App Ops - New Blandford Course

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Whinging_DS1, Apr 29, 2004.

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  1. So Blandford is to train more App Ops to replace the Old Gits that R leaving - Good show - NOT

    Who will train them - GP3 has moved forward so much who has the skills to train them !

    Oh the course we were on was 3 months - the new course 6 weeks mmm

    Who in RSS knows how GP3 is used in the field

    Who in RSS will run the servers

    Has RSS the Licencies to run it

    Has the E2 board been consulted to bring people in from other Corps

    What posts R they to take up

    What career progression will they get
  2. 23C

    23C Clanker


  3. WDS1

    Just to correct one error, the current courses are designed for DS2 which has a different focus to your course. However, it is recognised that those skills, which I assume that you own are going to be needed in the future. I'm sure this is being addressed (not by those lowly people at the RSS, you need to strike a bit higher there I'm afraid).

    I agree with some of your sentiments, where or who are those super people who could possibly replace you or be able to address the things you suggest?

    One solution, why not post some of these guys to RSS before all the skills are lost? That way all the problems you list would be addressed.

    Are you volunteering??????

    Given your portfolio, you would be an ideal candidate to ensure those nuggets in RSS moved in the right direction eh? I'll put a word in for you.


  4. If it would help the professional continuation of application management, I am sure that the majority of DS1 would be more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with RSS.
  5. Whinging_DS1,

    Are you saying it is only open to R Sigs? I find that a bit odd, but maybe the E2 have given the post to R Sigs to man as they feel that their is no other corps out there that would have the skill sets to be able to fulfill the requirements.

    I know DS1 had about 50% from other Corps but maybe the best lot have already been sucked into the glorious corps :wink:
  6. CC thank you for posting a constructive reply may I temperately without wanting to offend you say that you are slightly off the mark.

    WFB has hit directly and succinctly the nail on the head.

    Bullshit – you have a point but a little naïve, in my own Corps I know of a Warrant Officer that has a BSc in computing and another one is a MCT and a SSgt that is MSCE trained coupled with in my Corps we only have 193 ORs. ALSO why should the ARRC have just people from a singular country supplying the main capability - why not have IS Engrs from other countries at OR level !!! if we can not find enough from our own servicies, coupled with why not let the Navy and RAF take a slice

    ARRCC2IS is soon to be upon us. The point being missed continually by those who are higher up the food chain is that GP3 will continue to be the application of choice for situational information. The other application that is vying for dominance is I firmly believe deemed to be too challenging to be used here. To polarise this suppose instead of using Microsoft Products for the OS we changed overnight to an Open System such as Linux, how many people in the Services has these skills.

    It is commendable that there now seems to be a method to this madness and recognition that those with the right skill sets are given new appointments to try and thwart the possibility of more challenges being realised.

    The disappointing point is that those who are about to leave or have, feel like they have been likened too a disposable commodity – of limited shelf life: then disposed of.
  7. Nice one!
    What are the qualifying criteria?
    Where do I sign?

    (ear def's on for incoming abuse) :twisted: