To All Members, It was not my intent to bash this site on the PPRuNe site. All I wanted was some other opinions from fellow professionals as to the content of the Aviation site within ARRSE.  I have looked at other areas of the site and it is good.  I totally agree with Gunny......I have not started a serious topic because I have witnessed what has happened to other serious topics....it degenerates to the gutter level very quickly and the topic becomes a chat room! So I do apologise to you all..............KENNYR



Hmmh, surprising post I thought.  

1.  You highlighted the worst threads and neglected to mention the good ones.

2.  For every thread that deteriates into drivel there are some really good posts that can be sifted through.

3.  I enjoy talking shop, but when I want giggles, bums and willies...then as per normal I shuttle off to the bar.

4.  Please Kenny pass on your experience (unclassified of course) as there are areas that lack experienced comments in the Corps at the moment.

Personally, I think that your post in PPRUNE was a tad blinkered, but a superb piece of marketing and product placement as I am sure the site has benefitted from an increase in hits and especially Bad CO will be rubbing his hands as you have promoted his site free of charge (PR firms do not believe in negative publicity!).

I hope that it brings in more Fish Heads and Crabs as their points of view are also welcome and will probably balance up a thread.

So as per Gunny, no hard feelings (infact it appeared a little temper tantrum that someone had upset you on this site and so sulked on PPRUNE).

But please Kenny, if the wheel is broke.....please help fix it and not drip from a far in future, you obviously have so much to offer.  

Looking forward to your post mate, Happy New Year!  ;D

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