Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DR.Dave, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. I recently posted an article regarding an officer, who it was alleged by a newspaper, organised human trafficking for the sole purpose of using women forced in to prostition. I ve recieved a number of replies, these sources have quite rightly pointed out that the article was a little old. Although this story was true, I failed to note the date at the top of the article which did in fact indicate that it was in fact over a year old. I was passed a link to this article by a friend who thought i might be interested in it and I failed to spot the date at the top of the article. I assumed that it was current.

    It has caused some offence amongst some of you mainly because you assumed I was aware that the article was a little old and therefore my only intention could have been to stir up things up.

    I can tell you that was not my intention and as Ive already explained I made a mistake in missing the date.

    Sorry if I hurt anyones feelings.

    I hope the RMP nailed the bastard in question.
  2. Nice one Dr. I think you'll find that he was not 'nailed' by the police and is still serving. I might be wrong and we'll get the full story from Goon, Ford or KoR.......come on then fellas give us the detail!
  3. If the officer in qustion is still serving I can only imagine why. I sure that most of what he claimed was not an exaggeration, however there could have been difficulties in securing a conviction based on the actual evidence available.

    Also the politcs of the army wll always be key in these matters. If he had been a civy or NCO might the outcome be a little different. Since when has the army accorded the same kind of jusitce to officers as it does in its treatment of NCO's. The penalties are bound to be more severe for an NCO guilty of the same crime.

    And just in case anyone is wondering why cases like this are still being discussed within some circles I simply say this. We probably havent seen the end of cases like camp breadbasket and the recent controversy over the Iraqi civilian allegedly beaten whilst in detention so bad he later died

    Believe you me I am not in the business of running our soldiers down. However, the internal politics of the army does bother me simply because, it would seem that soldiers are being punished for simply following orders. Officers who give orders which have a degree of ambiguity ie in the case of camp breadbasket where an officer gave an order to a number of soldiers (later to appear in court) that they should "work them hard".

    I wouldnt question the soldiers loyalty to their superiors. That is unquestionable but I would question both the ability of those soldiers and officers to maintain standards of International or military Law or even common decency. And one soldier claimed in his defence that he never recieved training in international law. Fair point but common sense should also apply.

    An important point is that in both these cases the migating circumstances that might usually be taken in to consideration ie the impact of the pressures of the battlefield on the ability to make sound decisions in accordence with the law do not really apply.

    The actions of the minority affect the majority of the army who serve their country well and in a professional way.

    Futhermore, its an injustice that the media do not portray the Army in a more favourable way. I am sure there are news worthy stories of the British Army making an important contribution. There is a balance which needs to be struck.
  4. Dog danglies Post DR!
  5. Nice one DR, I wish I could get my points across as well as you have.
  6. A genuine and fulsome apology for a minor transgression (error).

    What did come from this?. I don't recall this one in the credible press - yet the People seeemed to have it in some detail. Is it still SJ ?.
  7. How did you manage to post an article when, according to your details to the left of your post, it appears you only have 2 posts on this site. Both of which are in this thread?

    Journalist perhaps?
  8. Said officer resigned commission. no prosecution followed due to cries of entrapment etc!

  9. No response.........I wonder why?
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Devilish, the thread was deleted and the individual posters' counts reduced accordingly.
  11. I deleted it rather than let it get dragged down as it was a story that got covered in this forum and current affairs at the time.