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Shame the other idiots couldnt be bothered or are they too busy lickin each others arses.
But at the end of the day what was the point in the original vendetta, apart from them having a laugh at others peoples expense. it makes me wonder why he has apologised though?
Ok my dad is bigger than your dad etc, it is now getting boring, i for one am not interested in what goes on, on other sites, you want to squabble like children do it By PM or email leave it off the boards

No but someone pointed out to me it wasn't fair and that they deserved an apology. I thought about it and agreed.

So I apologised. I thought it was the decent thing to do. If they choose to fault me for that, so be it. I've tried, following my own moral compass to make an apology for an action of mine I felt was wrong.

I'm not sure if they were trying to add some humiliation to the thought by posting my apology here but I however feel none for doing what I thought to be the right thing.
no it wasnt some mardy people that took his and his friends stick it was a lady who is married to a Royal marine. She deserved none of what was thrown at her and i hope that the idiots who did this realise that her husband a veteran of two gulfs and numerous tours of NI is yet again preparing to return to Iraq this time with the army as a specialised instructor. I dont think that neither she or the other two ladies deserved the abuse thrown at them from people who are old enough to know better.
I think Rincewind has hit the nail right on the button. 'Mardy' seems to describe the whole episode in my opinion.

Personally antphilip I think you did the right thing, but I won't applaud a man for doing what should come naturally.

I'm with Rincewind - keep things in perspective, chaps.
Well I apologised, I went to far and I did what was right, they've had their say and it should end there. I've learnt a lesson, one of many I'm sure I will learn in the course of my life and so I believe it really should just me summed up as. Episode over :)

Now where's a AS story when you need one...
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