Apology Accepted??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rocketeer, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. contrary to popular view that honesty is the best policy when it comes to making amends for wrongdoing..

    scientists [ bless 'em all ] show that apologies for only certain kinds of offences lead to a repair of trust. The central paradox of the apology: People who apologize are confirming they did something wrong, and therefore should be trusted less, but the fact they are coming clean means they should be trusted more.

    When errors are presented as incompetence, apologies are accepted and trust can be restored. That is why public officials nowadays try to frame their lapses as incompetence and why their critics frame their errors as matters of integrity.

    Guess saying " The Devil made me do it" doesn't cut it anymore...
  2. Yes father.
  3. Earth...

    Ever been on it?
  4. Rocketeer,save your sermons for Sunday school.I wouldnt waste anything of profound nature in this parallell hell of sex,women,booze and bad jokes.You would get a more positive reaction with your sanctimonious drivel in some drive-in brothel in Amsterdam or Thailand.

    If after more than 1500 posts you havent realised that then you must be some really sorry pathetic swamp inhabitant. Or is there a Bible forum in here that nobody told me about?
  5. Woah dog. Get off the fence and tell it how it is
  6. Gawd,, I love this place.. the level of debate and scintillating wit that abounds is beyond belief.. does a man proud to be a part of it.

    Thank you, thank you all!!

    8) :wink:
  7. You are most welcome. :D
  8. Interesting findings Rocketeer, but . . . . . are our politiciams really bright enough to take advantage of such findings? Having been through the "we are all subtely manipulated" frame of mind and removed my tinfoil hat, I look at that bloated oaf who is deputy prime minister and wonder if the oily tick could be considered intelligent enough to use such techniques. Or is that what all the government 'advisors' spend their days doing?
  9. Is the answer 42?
  10. So, Rocketeer, are we to expect that you will honestly admit your incompetence in posting this thread. Or will you present it as an example of an instance when an apology would not bring about repair of the trust?

    I say, never apologise, it's a sign of weakness...
  11. Most interesting Rocketeer, ignore the Hq Sqn Clerks...
  12. redsquirrel:

    In the spirit of the research presented here. I apologize..it seems that my words were ' taken out of context ' and I mispoke.. I 'm afraid a junior member of my staff inadvertantly wrote this for me and it wasn't vetted higher up so I apologize for the numty image of me that it presented..

    I am preparing a walk about at the nearest pub where I will burp loudly, insult the barmaid's t!ts and puke in my bezzer's beer thus proving that I truly am a full fledged ARRSE..

    My PR people are alerting the media as I type this...

    film at 11
  13. I wonder if Fat Johnny Prescott has been mugging up on psychology??
  14. touche!!